Mar 24, 2008

Our Easter

Well, Brooke & I colored Easter eggs late on Saturday evening & we had a good time. She was really into it. Too bad the little plastic egg "lifters" (for lack of a better word) were kind of flimsy, because Brooke dropped one on the floor, but it's carpeted & pretty junky anyway, so it didn't matter. She couldn't hurt it & you probably wouldn't notice it anyway. LOL I'm not too sure why she felt the need to wear her little backpack, but I thought it was cute!

The finished results:
The next morning, when Brooke woke up, she didn't act like she was quite awake yet. She didn't act like she even cared that the Easter Bunny came or that there was a basket & eggs waiting to be found. Then, all of a sudden, it's like a light went off & she's babbling like her usual self & then discovers an egg hidden in a candle holder. It took her a little while to realize she still needed to find her basket. She found all the eggs, but I was prepared with a list of everywhere I hid them, so we don't have a mystery smell in a week or two (Eewwww!). Once, I hid a plastic egg with a $10 bill in it many years ago, when my son Jordan was little, & we never did find that egg! We even moved from that house & left NOTHING behind.
Anyway, my sister Michelle was here for Easter. I have to admit that I didn't have the Easter Bunny fill her basket the way he USUALLY does. But funds are tight & he went overboard with the kids a bit. Michelle was probably bored to tears by having to watch My Little Pony movie over & over & over &......(*sigh!*) We tried to accomodate her better by turning on the TV in the family room, but then Brooke would come pester her in there. Michelle loves Brooke for the first half of the stay, but has usually had enough by the beginning of the 2nd half. Maybe that helps her to better appreciate her other 3 room mates when she gets back home.

My Dad & step-mom, Joanne, came over & I made Easter dinner with ham, home made noodles & mashed potatoes, scalloped corn, Hawaiian rolls (or Orange Bread- as Brooke refers to them), deviled eggs - Brooke said she liked the yellow frosting on the eggs. I love how she has a different perspective of things & the way she describes them. It makes me smile. My stepmom makes a seven layer salad that I just love & she brought that for dinner. I made a chocolate cream pie & a Dutch Apple pie. We had a really nice time & I think they enjoyed having somewhere to go, since Joanne's son's family was ill & her daughter's family had other plans.
That's all I have for today's updates.
And remember.... Being Nice Matters!


Vicki said...

Sounds like you had a busy, exciting, Easter holiday! Wonderful pictures of the egg dying process and of your sister and Brooke!

Kristy said...

I love Easter adn all the fun things that go along with it!! I love your pictures and can not wait to see you scrap them!

Glee said...

What a fantastic Easter you had! I love the photos!

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