Mar 30, 2008

Have you heard?!!!

The new Basic Grey stuff is coming in! My favorite line is Boxer & I can't wait to get my hands on it!! I actually like several of their new lines this time around. Sometimes their stuff is pretty tricky & overly artistic for me to work with. Although I have seen some pretty awesome stuff from a few people that have made me go out & get it. I've yet to do anything with it yet & most likely won't either.
I also seen that the new Fancy Pants stuff is in as well & I seriously don't think my budget is going to be able to handle all the stuff I want. I do plan on getting the Big Bite from Crop-a-dile though! It is a must have tool on my list! I picked up a Cricut font cartridge the other day & can't wait to try it out! No, I don't have a Cricut of my own, but am allowed to use the one at The Memory Zone for Design Team purposes. One day I'll get to learn to use the Cricut Expression & also the Silouette from QK! What a wonderful learning experience this has been already for me & I still have 9 more months of it!!

Here is a simple Thank You card I finished yesterday. I actually made a card from my scraps! I NEVER do that! I don't think it's anything to brag about or try to submit to a magazine for, but I wouldn't be embarassed to send it to someone, should the need arise.

I have been getting a little more use out of the circle stamp I used on this, so it was worth the purchase I think! Stamps can be quite expensive, in fact, everything for scrapbooking is getting VERY expensive! The price of gas is pushing that along, I'm sure! Let's not even get me started on that subject either, it isn't pretty....

I got a message from Kristy Lee of UT saying that the darling altered bucket I won from her Bingo game on KT Crafts is going to be a little late & if I minded that she picked up a few other things from We R Memory Keepers to add to it. Ummmm....are you kidding?? She's a designer for them, so I guess that's a huge "Go right on ahead with your bad self, girlfriend!" he he he... I've gotten to know her a little better since she joined the forum at KT Crafts & she is so fun! I will be sure to post the goodies when they arrive.

Well, I'm supposed to be altering some stuff, but I seem to be at a stand still with a few of them. I've kind of been holding off a little in hopes that I find something in the new CHA releases that will make the progress a little easier. Keep your fingers crossed friends that it's worth the wait!

So, on this gloomy spring Sunday, I'm going to end this bull session to go spend some quality time with my daughter & maybe get a little motivation to scrap before my DT meeting tonight.


Mar 24, 2008

Our Easter

Well, Brooke & I colored Easter eggs late on Saturday evening & we had a good time. She was really into it. Too bad the little plastic egg "lifters" (for lack of a better word) were kind of flimsy, because Brooke dropped one on the floor, but it's carpeted & pretty junky anyway, so it didn't matter. She couldn't hurt it & you probably wouldn't notice it anyway. LOL I'm not too sure why she felt the need to wear her little backpack, but I thought it was cute!

The finished results:
The next morning, when Brooke woke up, she didn't act like she was quite awake yet. She didn't act like she even cared that the Easter Bunny came or that there was a basket & eggs waiting to be found. Then, all of a sudden, it's like a light went off & she's babbling like her usual self & then discovers an egg hidden in a candle holder. It took her a little while to realize she still needed to find her basket. She found all the eggs, but I was prepared with a list of everywhere I hid them, so we don't have a mystery smell in a week or two (Eewwww!). Once, I hid a plastic egg with a $10 bill in it many years ago, when my son Jordan was little, & we never did find that egg! We even moved from that house & left NOTHING behind.
Anyway, my sister Michelle was here for Easter. I have to admit that I didn't have the Easter Bunny fill her basket the way he USUALLY does. But funds are tight & he went overboard with the kids a bit. Michelle was probably bored to tears by having to watch My Little Pony movie over & over & over &......(*sigh!*) We tried to accomodate her better by turning on the TV in the family room, but then Brooke would come pester her in there. Michelle loves Brooke for the first half of the stay, but has usually had enough by the beginning of the 2nd half. Maybe that helps her to better appreciate her other 3 room mates when she gets back home.

My Dad & step-mom, Joanne, came over & I made Easter dinner with ham, home made noodles & mashed potatoes, scalloped corn, Hawaiian rolls (or Orange Bread- as Brooke refers to them), deviled eggs - Brooke said she liked the yellow frosting on the eggs. I love how she has a different perspective of things & the way she describes them. It makes me smile. My stepmom makes a seven layer salad that I just love & she brought that for dinner. I made a chocolate cream pie & a Dutch Apple pie. We had a really nice time & I think they enjoyed having somewhere to go, since Joanne's son's family was ill & her daughter's family had other plans.
That's all I have for today's updates.
And remember.... Being Nice Matters!

Mar 22, 2008

A Great Big WHOOOOP!

I can't believe that my layout submission for TMZ Blog sketch for week #8 was the chosen one! (it may not be posted in the blog yet, but the sketch is there) How cool is that!!? I sure didn't think mine would be chosen after seeing the other entries. Although, it probably helped that there were only about half of the entries compared to the week before. Boy, I bet Rebecca had a tough time choosing that week! Better her than me! I haven't picked up my RAK, so I'll have to update on that later. Here's my submission for Week #8, although I've added a few brads here & there since this was taken, I'll try to get a new picture posted. Everything here is from the line of Little Yellow Bicycle. It's one of so many styles. It's awesome!

I also can't believe that I won at Bingo on KT Crafts from Kristy Lee! She is a queen of scrappers, if you ask me. She's altered a bucket (it's too dang cute!) & I get that filled with goodies from her stash! Sometimes (OK, a lot of times) I whine, cry, snort & ball about not getting anything of mine picked for a magazine publication, but Kristy Lee is one of those that it doesn't bother me if they pick her over me. She totally deserves it. I think a lot of people deserve it & I'm not just talking from my own work, I mean, there has to be other submissions from the thousands that they get that are good enough to publish, besides the multiple submissions from one designer. I know lots of designers are just as discouraged as I am, that they won't even bother submitting in the first place because of who they always see in the magazines. Sorry...enough from that soapbox platform. It just reminds me so much like high school.

The RAK's have been rolling in from the KT Crafts Online Crop & they're not done yet! I've gotten some amazing stuff & those "Little g" Stamps are the cutest darn things! I need to get to making some cards that I can use these on! I hadn't been able to participate in one of their crops before, so this was a first for me & I've been a member there since almost a year now! It was very fun & exciting! I didn't know what to expect, I was having a blast! I learned some very cool & exciting new techniques from some of the DT members, that you will be seeing in the coming days, weeks or maybe even months. That's how innovative I think they are.

Well, it's the day before Easter & we have snow like it was Christmas, or something. BUT, we didn't have any snow for Christmas! I realize that Easter is earlier this year than it has been in like 95 years, but we've had several Easters in March in recent years. I'm just going crazy for Spring to get here, not just by the calendar, because it is according to that, but by the temperature outside. I have been noticing all the Robins in our yard for the past couple of weeks. There's dozens of them. It's really fascinating to me to watch the birds. I love it! Last year, we had dozens of Cedar Waxwings feeding & that was the first time I'd ever seen them. I'm hoping to draw in some Orioles this year. They have eluded me so far, but I guess I'll just have to get the oranges & the water feeder out there a little sooner than in the past.

And so, this is enough blogger blab for today. Hope everyone has a wonderful & blessed Easter!


Mar 17, 2008

Things are getting exciting....

at The Memory Zone for the Design Team. We took a walk around the store last night to see what the other half of the DT is creating. All I can say is...WOW!!! I see most of this stuff in the gallery, but it just does not do it the justice it deserves! Not only are those ladies a blast to hang with, but they are a really creative bunch of gals! Of course, most of you already knew that. I'm just now sort of coming in on that boat - LOL!

I stopped in at the store a couple of hours before the meeting so that I could shop around at my leisure without a 4 yr. old daughter asking for every paper & sticker known to scrapper, or a 15 yr. old son calling me on my cell phone every 10 minutes from the van asking me how much longer am I going to be. Tsk! This time was wonderful! I got to visit with a couple of the ladies that work there & see Barb in action as she was creating her fantastic Batter Up page. She says her stuff is "boring" WHAT???!!! I have always loved her work! It's always so perfect with clean lines & never looks cluttered. Her pages have the best pictures & her layouts perfectly focus on them! How can THAT be boring?

Everyone is getting the Winter CHA fever as stuff starts to slowly trickle in. I heard that the Glimmer Mist, Tim Holtz Crackle paint & die cut Grungeboard shapes were in the store. Boy, you gotta be quick! There was only one bottle of the Glimmer Mist left in a Black Cherry, but I let Becky have it because I'm holding out for Coffee Bean first. I did get some of the Grungeboard shapes that I've been dying to get my hands on!! YAY!! You should feel these things, they feels like suede, but smell terrible when you first open the package! There's lots of sheets in the package with several different "themes", so lots of project ideas are covered. I got the swirls & it comes with brackets & hinges, butterflies, hearts, wings & pirate-like stuff! The ideas are just swimming in my head!

Here is a little Thank you card I made the other day with some left over papers I had. It's pretty simple to make but makes a big statement, I think.

Well, that's all for today, but if you want to see more of my Design Team work, just click on the TMZ DT Gallery link off to the right & a have a great day!
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