Dec 20, 2007

I Made It!!!

I managed to get everything done for Brooke's preschool Christmas party AND I wasn't even late! LOL I got her Christmas tree sugar cookie "suckers" made last night & decorated this morning. I also finished packaging up the teachers gifts & a hostess gift for the mother that was hosting the party in her home. I gathered all the stuff together for the cute little snowman goody bags for each student, thank goodness there's only 6 all together in her class! Oh! And Brooke drew Ella's name, the little girl who was hosting the party, for the gift exchange. She got her a cute little blue satin butterfly purse with blue sequins stitched on it & we filled it with a Hello Kitty notepad & pen & a few pieces of play jewelry. I guess Ella really liked it, because she carried it everywhere with her. That's always a good sign! Kaylee drew Brooke's name for the drawing & she got her a cute, sparkly, beach Barbie Doll! Brooke liked it very much & she doesn't even have a Barbie yet. I was thinking about getting her one, but just haven't yet. She's not a huge doll fan, but she keeps asking for the Bratz dolls (which I think are the ugliest things out there!). The children had a very nice time at the party & Ella's parents have a BEAUTIFUL, old, victorian style home.

Brooke's little Christmas program went well in the sanctuary today too. She didn't know the words quite as well this time, but that's because they missed a day due to the weather, plus it's a very short month for them to begin with, since they start their Christmas break now. They would normally have one or two more weeks to practice before their monthly program. When I get it downloaded, I'll try to remember to post some pictures and/or the video.

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Glee said...

Merry Christmas, Beth! I am so loving your blog!

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