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Thanks for visiting Under A Pile of Scrap! It's really just my own little place in this big ol' internet world. I hope you like the projects that you see and get inspired to try your own. I do love inspiring people!


My Family: If you want to know a little something about me, I can tell you that I'm a wife to my very loving and super supportive husband (most of the time), Alan, since 2000. I'm a momma to my grown son, Jordan (from a previous marriage) and my grade school aged daughter Brooke, with my current husband. 

This would be the place where I'm supposed to show you a picture perfect shot of my family, but we haven't had a family portrait taken since 2003.

We live in the small rural town of Plymouth in North Central Indiana, USA - just south of South Bend (home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish!)

Plymouth Indiana

My Home: We live in what may be best described as a Lodge Style A-frame home that was built in the spring after the blizzard of 1977-78. Which probably explains why we don't have a basement. We're assuming that with all that snow melting, the water table may have been too high to dig very deep without it flooding or caving in. Just a guess, because the original blueprints show a basement. You don't know how bad I WISH there was a basement!

I sometimes lovingly refer to our house as The Money Pit. Both of the previous owners pretty much just lived in the house with little maintenance, plus, it's at that age that things are starting to need replaced. Lots of things. We seem to be spending the majority of our home improvement funds on the mundane things like: furnaces, central air, windows, roofs, cleaning up the property of lots of over-grown brush. But we have managed to include some more fun projects like:

* Simple Master Bedroom remodel (Before Blogging)
* A room addition that isn't finished (Before Blogging)
* A bar area (Before Blogging)

* And many others

My Creative Side: Ever since I can remember I've been a crafter in lots of areas, such as: paper crafting, scrapbooking, furniture painting, junk repurposing, along with some sewing and cooking thrown in for good measure, ya know, cuz I ain't got enough already going on. And I'm also an unskilled gardener, among many other things that don't excite me nearly as much - oh, like cleaning and organizing- hence the name Under A Pile of Scrap - meaning scrapbook paper, scrap metal/junk, scrap pieces of fabric, you name it!

What My Future May Hold: I have been deep in the thought process of taking a huge leap of faith by pondering the idea/dream of opening my own Home Decor Boutique at my home with the things I make. 

I'm scared to death, but my husband is my biggest supporter right now and is willing to do what he can to help me make this, my biggest project, get off the ground. Need lots of prayers and maybe even some guidance along the way. If this takes off, then please join me here on my blog to see where my peaks and valleys take me on this SCAREY journey!

Rustique & Chic
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So sit back with a good cup of your favorite beverage and share in my blood, sweat & tears as I try to either find my way out of, or deeper into the Pile of Scrap.

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