Apr 2, 2013

It's Almost Baseball Season...

I'm just going to let it be known that I'm not a huge sports fan. Whenever I'm asked what my favorite sport is, I always say it's what ever my kids are playing! That's about it.

So, just for the record, I've went to a few local minor league baseball games, but I'm not a baseball fan eitherNot against it, just not "into it." IF I was going to be a baseball fan, I would have to root for the Cubbies though. My ex-father-in-law was a Cubs fan when he was alive and he was a sweet man.

Now, where am I going with this?

Since I sell things at craft shows and I'm also trying to start my own shop here at my home, I try to expand on my customer base as much as I can in order to draw in lots of different people's needs.

baseball decor
Sorry about the poor picture

Maybe it was, in part, because I had made a couple of baseball  racks last year that made me want to create something else to go along with that look for anyone doing a baseball/sport themed room. I sold one of these, but still have another and there is another bat waiting in the wings....wait, that didn't sound right.

 Along comes these to complete the look
Americana Baseballs or Softballs

I had seen a set of Americana painted baseballs that had been published at BHG.com. They had been pinned all over Pinterest last year and I made it a mission to paint a set myself. They fit the sports fan as well as the boys & men. A much neglected area in the female dominated crafting world.

It took me a little while to gather up 3 softballs, but I managed to. I got them painted them up, one by one, until I finally finished up the last one today. I painted them kind of crudely (except for the stars) to give them a little rustic charm. Not sure I accomplished that completely, but at least they don't look perfect. I didn't want that.

Painted baseballs
I also found this old glove that looks like someone tried to re-lace it with an old red shoe lace. Actually, I'm impressed that they went to the trouble to do it! I like it. It kind of completes the look for a nice photo op.

Now I just need to figure out how I want to package them up so they can stay together (& not have any get stolen), yet not take away from the way they look together. I'm open to suggestions on that. I also don't know if I want to sell them with the glove or no glove. The glove doesn't have to get sold.

As time gets closer to my craft show on the 13th of this month, you will start to see more posts of what I've been doing leading up to my first spring show. I'm excited and nervous. I will say, it's kind of nice not doing Christmas stuff for a change!

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Traci Creel said...

Beth, these baseballs are adorable. What a cute idea. I have seen baseballs displayed in wooden bowls and wire baskets but they look great with the glove. I think they might look even better if you dirtied them up a bit. I would try a dark wax.
They should sell quickly,

8)(8 said...

So charming and even festive depending on the time of year!

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