Feb 16, 2013

Primitive Style

I have a couple of similar projects that I managed to finish up this week. They're those kind of projects that have been lingering around for much much too long.  If you ask my family, ALL my projects linger around too long! That is fairly true too. Sad. I know.

Utensil holder
I bought this wooden box last year and have fought & fought with it since the day I brought it home, because I started working on it that day. 

It was originally a burgundy color and it was pretty in its own right, but it was chipped badly. I tried to sand off the vines that were painted on, but they weren't going away that easy. Then I had other issues that just kept making matters worse with the finish. I really did not want to make another crackle painted piece, but this one left me no choice.

Prim Box

I was determined to turn this into a sell-able piece once and for all. I'd like to believe - mission accomplished.



Next, I had this napkin holder that I finished last year and tried to sell it all by itself at my craft shows. It had many lookers, no takers. 
knapkin holder

My original plan for it was to include the matching Salt & Pepper shakers. I thought they were darling since they looked like little milk bottles. But even though those were started, they didn't get finished in time to go as a set. I kept having problems with the letters not turning out, time and time again, they just wouldn't work for me. I gave up in frustration. 

I have a craft show coming up in mid-April so I need to get some new stuff done for that. I'm also trying to finish up some tables for a customer, but I'm having conversations with them that are much too "colorful" to repeat. I've had to use paint stripper 3 times on  one of them and it still has lots of paint left on it. It's one of my most hated projects EVER. Have you ever had a project that feels like it's never ending? 

Do tell.

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Tracy said...

Your projects are always great :)
Good luck with your craft sale :)

Maureen said...

I sure have had some never ending projects. I still shudder when I think of a desk I had to strip for a customer that just would not come clean. Then, there was the chandelier that didn't get finished until dawn and had to be delivered that morning. Your pieces did turn out very cute, though.

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

Hi Beth...
Just an FYI...it took me a while to figure out where to place my comment. I love what you say...but it was obvious to moi! LOL! I love your completed projects! It looks like you have a nice set now and I'll bet they're gone in a wink at your sale. Best wishes with it!

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