Feb 23, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party -long post.

Alice In Wonderland

I know when I Google that title or enter it in the Pinterest search engine, I get ALL KINDS of amazing ideas for just about anything you can imagine, or even not imagine.

In all honesty, I've never been a fan of Alice In Wonderland. I think she's a darling girl and how CUTE are most of the characters?? I just can't seem to follow the story and keep my patience. LOL!  That's not really saying much about me though, it can be a challenge for me to follow a typical conversation too.

I do love the artwork aside from the story. I even love some of the more modern takes. Graphics 45 has a stunning scrapbook line that doesn't look anything like the traditional Disney design. It's stunning.

So why am I carrying on so much about Alice In Wonderland then?

Let me back up the story just a bit here. 

I have a friend who belongs to a sorority type club and they have a yearly fund raiser called Ladies Night Out. I went to it last year for the first time and had a blast. I wanted to donate something this year for their raffles. My friend said they'd love any donations. The next day she made an unusual request. Could I maybe make something with this year's theme of Alice In Wonderland? Sure! (did I really just agree to that?)

Hmmm...I could try. Don't ask me why, but I'm up for a challenge - sometimes. I just happen to have a Cricut cartridge with the Disney Classics characters on it & Alice was one of them. Now to think of what to do. I could do plastic drink tumblers. That would be cute. No. It wasn't my cup of tea. ;)  I guess I was trying to think of something out of the box. Maybe something no one had seen before, at least not in this fashion.

I definitely needed my hubby's help on this one but I was sure we could do it. I worked on this right up to the last minute. I do that with just about any event that I've making something for. It's a given. If you keep following along with me on my blog, you'll begin to see that.

Are you tired of waiting for the reveal?

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Lamp
I know the teapot lamp isn't original for any Alice in Wonderland theme. After I finished mine, I found a ton of them on Pinterest. BUT,  I didn't see a one with a Mad Hatter's Hat as the lamp shade. Not even when I googled it. Can you tell in this shot that's what it looks like? I didn't realize that I was dead on with the camera when I took the picture. It's kind of hard to see the brim.

Want to know a secret?

It's Always Tea Time

When you turn the light on, there is a secret message that can be seen. And would you believe that this lamp shade did not come in this shade of green? I bought an ivory colored one at a thrift store and spray painted it. Then I made the brim by hand and spray painted it too.

I couldn't find any ribbon in the color or width I wanted so I resorted to using tulle. I actually love the look it gives it. 

I made the tag that sticks out of hat band with the 10/6. Do you know what that stands for? Some of you may, but many of us Americans, we do not. I had to look it up. LOL! It stands for the price of 10 Shillings and 6 Pence in Great Britian money before the days of the Euro. gosh, I hope I got that right. Hopefully I won't get slammed for not having my facts right about that if they're wrong.
Since I don't know the story that well, this probably isn't depicted properly, but I thought the flowers were awesome for the look I was going for when I spotted this flowered tea pot in a church thrift store that I sometimes check out on their Half-Price Tuesdays. I picked it up for $2.50!

How cute is little Alice with the big flowers having a tea party? I know I should have done some placement of the characters differently, but it wasn't until after I had them stuck on there that I realized it, and there was no way in Wonderland that I was going to try to take the vinyl characters off to move them or cut new ones. It took me the entire day to make all of them & moving them would have messed them up. Some of those pieces in the layers are super duper tiny. Yep, they're good right where they are.

I handed it over today & my friend acted genuinely tickled over how it turned out, or else she's just a superb actress. I admit that it didn't turn out exactly like I had hoped, but I didn't think it was that bad. I think my favorite part is the hat/shade.

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mschiddy said...

I can tell that a lot of thought and details went into this great lamp creation! I didn't know what the 10/6 meant before you shared,so thanks for sharing! I especially like the secret message in the lampshade. Very clever!

Lisa said...

I am with you on finding the story not to my liking, but loving the images! Your mad hatter shade is fabulous!!!!! Wonderful creativity! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi.

Tracy said...

This is frickin' amazing!!!
So creative.
My daughter loves the Alice in Wonderland story and would love this as well.
Great job, wow

Morgaine said...

How Adorable! My one friend is having an Alice in Wonderland party for her daughter, so I think she'd love this link too!
I would love to also invite you to join Totally Tuesday and link up your blog for my first ever link party: http://www.madcapfrenzy.blogspot.com/2013/02/totally-tuesday-1-link-party-time.html

8)(8 said...

I love your lamp. I tried to pin it to my Alice in Wonderland board, but could not get it to work :(

Actually the story is about logic and philosophy; there is a whole other level to the story. I know because my daughter has been obsessed with it for years.

Organized Island said...

That is awesome what you created You are very talented - love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

Kathy Shea Mormino

The Chicken Chick


Accidentally Wonderful said...

Ok. I need this.

Little Miss Maggie said...

I love the hat. Very cute.

Jennifer Hughes said...

So whimsical. Please share your entry on Creative Crafts Thursday, www.creativecraftsthursday.blogspot.com, and any of your favorite projects each and every week.

TheKimSix Fix said...

Wow! The secret message thing is so neat. I think it came out great!

Night Garden Design said...

Totally cute! Nice job!

Morena Hockley said...

This is so awesome! I'm creating a "Mad Hatter" style space in my garden and I NEED this. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Shelly said...

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing on CSI Project!

Shelly @MinettesMaze

wenhts said...

Please please please tell me: i'm having a birthday party for an elderly woman who never had a childhood party and i want to make this lamp--we are going to time it from late afternoon into evening and i bought some lil sphere's that will float on my pond,and light up when the sun goes down to go along with some gazing balls that will come on at dusk too.

I want to make it magical for her-she also has cancer right now. anyway........if i can add this lampshade it would make it even more magical.

What i want to know is--how do you get the writing to appear when the lamp is on? Is it glow in the dark paint, or the opposite, i just can't figure it out.

Many thanks in advance.

Beth@Under A Pile of Scrap! said...

Thanks WENHTS! I'm glad you love this lamp & I hope you see this. :) I would like to be able to respond to you personally, but your profile isn't set up with an email.

The secret to getting the phrase to show up in the shade when the light is turned on is to put letters on the inside of the shade. In the case of the one I made, it was made with my die cutting machine (either Cricut or Silhouette) cut out in vinyl backwards & in reverse.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Hi! I'm extremely late posting this comment (like YEARS late) but I only just discovered your blog (which I love by the way).
I wanted to gently correct you on the Britush money thing. Pre-1972 (I think it was that year) we had what we refer to as "old money" - pounds, shillings and pence. 1n 1972 "decimalisation" happened and we changed to British pounds and pence (which unhelpfully are not the same as old poinds or old pence). Anyway new money has now been around 43 years and old money is, well, really old now! Most of Europe, including the Republic of Ireland, has the Euro. Great Britain is part of the European Union but we did not adopt the Euro. This continues to be controversial.
So you were close but not quite there :) Hope you don't mind me correcting you!!

TaraAndVan said...

This is amazing!! How did you make the brim of the hat?

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