Jan 14, 2013

A Burlap Fabric Memo Board to Check Out!

In my quest to prepare for some craft shows in late 2012, I was in a flurry to get lots of projects done to fill the large space(s) I had rented. However, in that mad flurry of painting, gluing, sewing, covering & buying, I didn't really allow myself to make the time to take pictures of quite a few of those items. Only the best of the best made that cut for a photo op. Mainly furniture. And those items sure didn't get a blog post done about them either. Again. Mainly furniture was my focus. 

Now that things have slowed to a more normal pace and the crazy holidays are behind us, I still have a few of those pieces left to help fill in the gaps of my blog posting. Especially since I haven't really done anything creative since the new year has rang in. Just the unsatisfying attempts at purging and organizing my home. We're not EEEEVEN going to go there right now, but I should be instead of writing this.

So for today's blog filler, I bring to you this half vintage + half vintagey-looking item.
Burlap Bulletin Board

I found the frame at a flea market, and if you think it looks grungy right now, you should have seen it before I cleaned it with a soft toothbrush & cleaner! You really couldn't tell it was white at all. I wanted to put an old grain sack in the opening, but at the time, I hadn't found any that large (of course, I have now). Since I had this burlap fabric sitting around just filling in my hoarding space, I used some of it for this. I nearly had a buyer for it, but she didn't have a space large enough in her kitchen to hang it where she needed it most. I have that same problem, so I could relate. 

This is just a little closer look.

Pictured here is detail of the plaster bow at the top of the frame. It's kind of worn, chipped and cracked, for that perfect aged look. It's a little bit feminine and a little bit masculine, a little light, and a little dark and all neutral.

Because it was so nice and warm here on Saturday (yes, it is the middle of January) I was going to start on stripping a table I need to work on for a customer. But for the life of me, I can't seem to locate that brand new bottle of stripper I have. You can't miss it either, it's orange! AHHHHH! I have apparently moved it from it's long time location to somewhere new for the sake of organizing for the holidays. I don't really think you can call it organizing if you can't find it! 

It happens all the time.

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Cynthia said...

Love it!


Shelly Andrade said...

Beth, this is just the coolest! I love everything about it!! Did you find that material printed like that?

Tracy said...

Such a great project as they all are.
You mean if I can't find it, it isn't truly organized...damn, I'm doing it wrong, lol.

Cindy Eikenberg said...

Saw your project at the party at I Gotta Create and just love it! Thanks for sharing! ~Cindy, littlemisscelebration.com

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I can't tell you how many times I have put stuff away so I'd be able to find it later and then couldn't remember where I put it to save my soul. I love this piece!

Bev Carter said...

Wow! This is such a cute piece. Love the frame.
Have a great week,

joetterer said...

drop dead dreamy frame + uber yummy fabric! found you on Funky Junk Interior & am scrolling thru your posts!

joetterer said...

drop dead dreamy frame + uber yummy fabric! found you on Funky Junk Interior & am scrolling thru your posts!

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