May 30, 2012

Starting a New Project

I'm sure many have had the same kind of story as this. You make something and you show it to someone and the next thing you know, you have orders coming out the wah-zu. That's what has happened to me. Sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes it's a curse. If you have MY luck, it can be more like a curse. 

It sorta started with this little table I made earlier this year that you can read and see HERE. I have to say that it has been THE most popular project I've made and posted on my blog.

I posted the table on Facebook to show friends and family and right away, one of my old scrapbook friends, who just happens to be a neighbor as well, asked if she could buy it right now. I said "Sure!" She loved it so much she wants 2 more tables in a much narrower version and she wanted a high back chair with the seat portion done like the top of the table. I thought I found a chair that fit the bill, but I was mistaken, yet have been working on it anyway. Then I found a chair at a very reasonable price, but I never showed it to the lady wanting the chair. Why? Because I had scanned over good ol' Craigslist and discovered this...

"I" want this chair! Just kidding, but I thought to myself, how can I try to pass off the other chair when I know in my heart that this would be what she would really want? I had to at least show her the picture to see if it was worth spending the extra cash. I explained the significantly higher price I would be charging and the problem with it not having a wood seat that would need to be replaced with one. Surprisingly, she didn't care. She. wanted. this. chair. Who can blame her? I think she was hearing the Angels singing as the beam of light from Heaven shone down on it while she was looking at it's picture. It seemed to have that huge of an impact on her!

Let's check out the details, shall we?

The woven rope seat that is in perfect condition. It's going to be a shame to remove it and try to customize a wooden seat in its place. This is not a small seat! My husband doesn't say one way or the other if it will be a big deal to make one from wood. If not, we have a couple of friends who are carpenters.

I like the simple carvings on the rungs of the back.

Nothing like some natural distressing!

She's got some nice legs as well. I think I hear a construction worker's cat call in the distance. ~*snicker!*~

It may be a while before I get to show this in it's finished stage. The painting isn't the problem, it will be getting the seat done, since that will be up to Alan to get done and this is his work's extremely busy time of year with tons of overtime. I don't think I want to start painting it until the new seat is on or else I will most likely be doing a lot of touch up painting.

Until next time!



De tout, de rien said...

Lovely! I would try to convince your client to keep the rush seat, it is much more suited to that style of chair and has a nice historical and artisan quality. I just bought 2 shaker style high back ladder rush chairs myself for $5 each at a garage sale. Can't beat the price!

Tracy said...

Neat chair.
I don't sell my projects, weird eh, lol.
I have had so many requests, but I want my craft to be my passion and not my job. Plus most time if family asks, I just give it to them, lol.

So glad you can find the happy medium with yours.

Sherry said...

Beth, that chair is a beauty! I can definitely understand why you fell in love with it and your client. The details are remarkable!

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