May 7, 2012

Meet Our Little Princess...

It seems as though there are a few princesses in our house. Of course, the first thought would be my 8 year old daughter, Brooke. She loves anything to do with princesses, and I mean anything! 

I couldn't resist posting her grimey grin on here after she just got done eating a chocolate "something." hee-hee!
Then there's my no, he's not a princess, but he sure has his diva moments, but we won't go there - especially today. 

Of course there's me, but I really don't think I fit into the princess category. I like to classify myself as more like The Queen!

But there is one more in our little family that truly does go by Princess...

She is such a sweet dog and quite smart, in most cases. If she could talk, she'd tell you that my son, Jordan is her most favorite of us all and she makes no bones about it! (sorry, I couldn't help myself with the pun) She is a mixed breed that doesn't match her mom or the "supposed" father either. The mom is a black & white cocker spaniel and the father was thought to be a black lab. What do you see???? e'hem, yeah, something else snuck in. ;) That's OK, I have always had mixed breed dogs and wouldn't trade them for all the pedigree papers in the world!

She is a funny girl & makes us laugh. As soon as I come out the door, she goes and gets her ball (which is this flattened basketball) and expects me to try to take it away from her. She LOVES this little game between just me and her. She also has another game she likes to play by pushing a bowl down the driveway with her paw, but she lost the bowl, so we need to get her another one.

She will follow you down the driveway, or really anywhere you go, and she'll sneak in a few little kisses on your fingertips every once in a while as you walk. 

We keep her in the fenced-in backyard overnight for her safety, since we do live in the woods out in the country. We occasionally see & hear coyotes, so it's for her own good. My husband is not a fan of having animals in the house, so that's why she stays outside. I let her out almost every day and she gets so excited when I do that she spins around like crazy when I open the gate. It's like releasing the little cartoon Tazmanian Devil. LOL!

She helps protect my flower beds from the deer. They don't come up by the house anymore to eat the delicious buffet I had set before them with succulent Hosta leaves. I will say that since we got her, I miss seeing a group of deer bedding down in my front yard in the middle of winter, but I still see them following their usual paths across the driveway and through the woods, and that's just fine.

I can train her, when no one else is able to. We used to have a heck of a time getting her to go into the backyard for the evening. Then one night, I just coaxed her back there and praised her, gave her a treat and ever since then, she knows it's time for night-night when she hears you open the door to go into the garage to get her food. You can hear her tags rattle as she trots around to the back of the garage & into the fenced in yard.  

She has this thing that she does and it's only in the evening, right before she gets put away for the night. She'll get into this really playful mood and just start ripping around the yard. She goes so fast that she has her tail tucked between her legs and it's like her hind legs can't keep up with her front ones and she just runs and grunts like crazy. It's hysterical to watch!

So there's a little bit about one family member that I don't really speak about too much on my blog. Now she has a whole topic dedicated to her. Ain't that just like a princess?
In Honor of National Pet Week May 6-12, 2012 - there is a special Pet Link party that Miss Charming is having this week over at Charming Zebra and that's where I'm linking this post at. 

If you want to share about your pet(s) (any kind of pet!), write a post about it and link it up at Charming Zebra too. Everyone loves a good pet story!

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Magnolia Cottage said...

Princess is beautiful and sounds very playful. The coyotes sound scary. So happy to hear Princess is safe and sound in her fenced backyard. I'm your newest follower! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.


Tracy said...

Princess is a beautiful dog, and very well loved :)
Love the photo of you messy faced little girl ;)

Miss Charming said...

We must have some type of cosmic connection, Beth. My daughter's middle name is Brooke, I have a son named Jordan and I had a cat named Princess when I was a little girl. (Soul Sistas!)
Thanks for sharing your Princess at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party. She is such a beautiful dog. (And regal, too!)

Anonymous said...

Princess is a beautiful dog! She sounds like she is a wonderful companion, too. I really enjoyed the photo of her with the flat basketball. One of my dogs has a flat football that he likes to carry around in his mouth. The picture of your daughter with her chocolate face is too cute! :-) Thanks so much for sharing your fur baby at our Rockin' Pet Linky Party. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mel said...

Beth, I just loved meeting your princess. I wish I had the patience to have a dog. I do have a cat, but it's not quite the same thing. I lost my favourite cat, Miss Betty, last year. I still miss her to this day.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Soooo sweet! Your photos are just incredible! So glad you joined the Pet Parade!

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