May 7, 2012

It's Spring, and then it's not....

And then it's spring again!

It's starting to warm up again around here. We finally got some decent rain that was really needed too. We had some rain a couple of times, but the next day would be so windy, that it dried everything up so fast, it was as if it never happened. 

It's going to be in the 70's and 80's (21-27 C) here this week. And, it's supposed to maybe rain most of the week too. I hope that means there will be mushrooms! We have them in our woods when it's a decent year or when the trespassers don't get to them first.

My flowers are doing SUPER so far, although I have a peony that I can't get to bloom after 3 years. Not sure what I need to do. It had a tiny bud on it last year that didn't do anything, but I got nothing but a lush and bushy plant this year.  I know it can take some time for them to do something, but I had one that I started from a root that bloomed the next year. I don't believe it's planted too deep either and it gets the same amount of sun as the other 3 that are near it.

Oh well, other flowers are doing nicely! I have a huge area across from my garden shed that is full of Lily of the Valley's and boy, do they ever smell amazing!
Isn't that little green vase the cutest? I just picked that up at a garage sale last week for 50 cents. Of course, the sign to the sale sent me a on a hunt that was 20 minutes away. I hate when people do that. 

 A friend of mine and I had stopped in at the Christmas Tree Shoppe last year and each of us picked up a bag of these Anemones for $2! I planted mine outside, even though it said they were for zones 7-10, we're a 5 here. I was willing to take a gamble. They get covered in oak leaves every fall and sometimes snow, so they were pretty well insulated over the winter.

Aren't they stunning?!

And here is the only Clematis that's in bloom right now. I LOVE this one, because in the early dusk hours it looks like it's glowing! I wish I knew what it was called, but it just had a general tag for clematis and that was it. A pet peeve of mine when it comes to buying plants. I like to be able to tell people what variety a plant is when they ask and I don't like NOT knowing either.


These are my Forget-Me-Nots, but they're not the typical blue ones, they're pink.

Funny thing is, I didn't plant pink ones. I planted the blue Chinese variety (which I don't really recommend IMO). They were blue the first year and I thought they died out from disease, but then they came up pink the next year & have for the past 5 years. I didn't even know there were pink ones!

I have a love-hate relationship with these flowers! I like the flowers, but wish they could have been in a more controlled environment. They were here when we moved here and they had already spread everywhere and you can't get rid of them. The flowers keep blooming even when you pick them and leave them lay on the ground for days. They won't wilt, I swear. The tiny little bulbs go deep, so they're hard to dig up or I'd be plucking these suckers up. I'd love to have them in a pot or something. They're called Star of Bethlehem and ARE considered invasive. I can see why!

And then there's these little cuties that are starting to pop up everywhere too! But I don't mind them. They're called Jack In The Pulpit, in case you hadn't seen them before. I never had seen one until we moved into our current home.

This is a tiny one that must be new this year. There is a couple though that are like the grandaddies of the woods because they look like a small banana tree! Those haven't even broke through the ground yet...they get at least 3 feet tall.

And finally, there's these things. They are everywhere, even worse than the white star flowers. They have a somewhat strawberry plant characteristic, but they have 5 leaves instead of 3. I've never noticed berries on them, but that doesn't mean that there weren't some & I just never noticed them.

We had a good rain overnight, so things are really going to start to bloom now! YAY!!

Have a creative day!



Sherry said...

Beth, I love the vibrant color of your Clematis and your pink Forget me Not are lovely. I can never get anything to grow in my yard.

Lorrie said...

Your flowers look beautiful! I have a lot of the same ones! I even have the same clematis, which only had clematis on the tag also! I have heard that sometimes if peonies are planted too deep, they may not bloom... just a thought!

Janet said...

Beautiful flowers! I believe the last plant is called Virginia Creeper. It will climb anything. In the fall it gets beautiful red leaves. I don't mind it, but a lot of gardeners hate it because it is considered a weed.

Tracy said...

Nice to see your flowers.
I have those strawberry plants as well, but the squirrels get them before I see any, lol.
I had two beautiful mature climatis' and hubby oversprayed the weed killer and got them :(
I even made special flowerbeds for them.

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