Feb 24, 2012

More New Old Stuff - I know, I'm weird

valentine's day card This was a Valentine card I made for my hubby a few years ago. Even though it was done several years ago, I still love it and my hubby still keeps it in a special place. awwww!

 Here it is with one flap opened.

This is all the way opened. Pretty mushy stuff, huh?  ;^) 

This was done back in the days BEFORE die cutting machines, except for Accu-cuts and I'm sure Sizzix was out, but too costly for me at the time. This was done with the small scalloped edge scissors and all by hand, except the flowers. The little flowers were some pretty stickers that a dear friend sent to me in a care pkg. that her hubby found. How lucky am I to have such dear friends looking out for me?

Anyway, this technique is called Spirelli. You can do this technique using simple shapes that have edges with peaks and valleys. Here is a link to a video I found on YouTube that's pretty good.

Hope you try this cool looking, but easy technique and send me a pic! It doesn't have to be just for Valentine's day, ya know. :^)

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Heaven's Walk said...

So sweet, Beth! It's nice to see a good, old fashioned romantic couple!! :)

xoxo laurie

Tracy said...

This is so pretty.
I love the gold threading you used.
How sweet that your hubby keeps it in a special place...awwwwww.

Beth said...

Thanks Laurie! We do try. And thanks for becoming a Linky Follower too!

Beth said...

Thanks Tracy! Actually, the thread is silver, but it does look like it has a gold cast to it in this picture. I never looked at the image that closely. LOL!

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