Feb 8, 2012

Friends... they are a changing & a give away @ Inspired By Charm

Have you heard the
Big News ??

 Cheri over at
It's So Very Cheri

filled me in on

where you can link up!!
(Now that Google Connect Followers is going away....rumor has it that it's going away eventually even for Blogger)

Linky Followers
It's a great new place to follow!

Please see the new followers
buttons along the sidebar of my page, sign up, and either follow Under A Pile of Scrap! with

Linky Followers
Google + (I don't have the widget up yet)

Either way you will stay up to date on Under A Pile of Scrap! 

If you want some really in-depth instructions with lots of pretty good screen shots, go to At The Picket Fence.

 Good luck with staying in touch with all your friends!

And now, for the really good stuff!! How would you like to win a stunning door decor like this from Ever Blooming Originals? I know I would! This would look just stunning on my darling little teal & white garden shed!!

All you need to do is go over to Micheal's blog at Inspired by Charm to see how. (**This give away is now CLOSED)

It sure makes me long for spring already.

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