Dec 20, 2011

So Close!

We are in the final stretch, aren't we? I'm still working on finishing up some last minute shopping and baking. I haven't even began to wrap anything. My daughter is out of school for the next 2 weeks and my son is home from college for the next month. I might be a little more sparse on here than usual because of this to spend much valuable and needed time with my family.

I have a rewarding day planned for Wed with a friend of mine. She has a much younger cousin that has been bullied (TERRIBLY) at school because she's overweight and her family doesn't have much money, so she has no clothes that look nice. I was horrified when I heard how she was being bullied at school and wanted to make her feel better about herself.  So in talking with my friend, we decided to do some shopping for her. I bought her a really cute outfit and my friend picked up some cute boots and lots of cute accessories to go with the outfit and my friend's dad (actually the girl's uncle) pitched in enough funds for another outfit that can be mixed and matched with mine!  Then, after she opens her gifts, she's going to a local beauty shop for a cute hair cut and a new do at no charge! I hope this is the best Christmas she's ever had. This is a girl that will truly appreciate everything that she gets too. She's just 15 or 16, but she has innocent qualities to her that makes her truly special! She doesn't deserve to be treated the way she has at school, and if I EVER find out who these other kids are that have been doing those things to her, I pray they're not from families I know, or I will have a whole new attitude towards them from now on.

Now onto something different if you've come here to check out some crafty stuff.

I got this idea from another blogger, but I'm too lazy today to go searching for where it came from. My apologies if it was you. This is a small ironing board that I made into a pegboard and covered it with this cool looking burlap potato sack I found this past summer at the local Farmer's Market. It wasn't for sale, but I asked if I could buy it and they said Sure! It even kinda looks Christmasy with the colors, don't it? I made the tacks using vintage buttons. It didn't sell at my show, but it was in the running a couple of times with a few of the shoppers, but was outweighed by other items I had. LOL!

This is a decorated shutter I sold at my last show. It's kinda Christmasy too with the cute rustic Angel and that pretty burlap bow. I distressed the shutter to look older, because it was pretty freshly painted white. If you click on the image, you might be able to see the distressing better.

Here is the cute little Snowman Soup packets I made up for my daughter's classmates last week. I got the idea from over at Tracy's Treasures when she made up some. I had already purchased the cute little ziploc goody bags from the Dollar Tree a while back, but hadn't quite figured out what to put in them that was inexpensive besides a bunch of candy and cheap trinkets. Thanks Tracy for a darling idea! The cocoa packets fit perfectly inside these bags like they were made for it! Added the little candy cane and only one Hershey's Kiss.

I punched the borders of the cardstock with one of my Martha Stewart punches after I printed the Merry Christmas image and the poem on it.

Here is the poem that is printed on the backside. This was about the only way I could think of to make this whole thing work. I did have to use my adhesive runner between the bag and the inside of the cardstock so that the whole thing wouldn't flop around. Brooke said it was a hit!

Then, this is a snowgirl wrapped candy bar that I made up for one of my daughter's friends who had a birthday party last weekend. I like to include some kind of huge candy bar with their gift just to make it a little extra special. I think these things are the cutest things! I used a huge KitKat bar for this one. I forgot to edit the image, so it's not cropped or reduced in size, so if you click on it, it will probably be HUGE! I don't remember where I got the snowperson image to print, but if you look on Pinterest, there are tons of images that have a site to get it from.

This will most likely be my last post this week, unless I'm feeling pretty froggy! LOL!! So, just in case . . .

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Holidays if you're celebrating another holiday instead!

God Bless and have a great day!

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Tracy said...

I love the angel on the shutter!!!
Thanks for the shout out :) Glad the snowman soup were a hit :)
I have seen those chocolate bar wrappers as well, but haven't done them yet :)
Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday as well :) said...

You have been very busy I see. Your crafts are great. I still need to make some chocolate bar covers - so cute. The snowman soup is a great idea too! You have a lovely blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am returning the favor!

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