Dec 8, 2011

More Christmas Crafts to share

It's not beginning to look anything like Christmas here in northern Indiana yet. How about where you are?  I have to admit that as much as I am NOT a fan of cold weather by any stretch of the imagination, I do kinda need snow between Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe just a few weeks into January. But that's it! It helps to put me in the mood. I'm in the spirit, just not the mood, does that make any sense? I'm mostly done with the shopping, except for a few other things, but I need a few more bucks in the bank for to finish that. I don't feel like decorating yet because I like to see snow outside the window as I'm putting up the tree and dragging out all the lights and pretty ornaments while the Christmas music is playing throughout the house. It's just about 2 weeks to Christmas and I am nowhere near making it look all pretty around here yet.No Tree. No decorations. No cookies or goodies baking. And yet I really am in the holiday spirit!

I think I was more in the mood for decorating back in Sept. than I am now. I know, I'm weird. I guess it comes from having to work on Christmas stuff before all the craft shows starts at the beginning of November (for me). I only did 3 shows, but it's one more than I normally do and I like to, and need to add new items for every show or else I'm not working to my full potential and I'm not getting any of the hoarding thinned out upstairs to make room for more hoarding. Make sense? good.

I've been fighting with my desktop computer for a while, and as much as I could use my laptop, my photo program(s) are on the desktop. I haven't decided if I want to include them on my new laptop yet or not. In the meantime, I've worked out some of the kinks on this old thing and can show you some more of my most current projects that I had in my last craft show. Some had sold, some had not, but got quite a few admiring glances.

I had the gold word tree ornament that I got on clearance last year and this paper from a DCWV paper holiday pack. I cut the decorative mat with my Cricut and went around the edge with gold stickles. I'm not sure that I like the black frame with it, so I'm trying to think of what I would like with it. I won't be able to match the red. More gold? This did not sell at the show.

This is a wall hanging that obviously isn't Christmas, but depending on your decor, it might fit with the vintage green stained beadboard. It was a cabinet door I found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and since it had white paint scuffs on the framework, I painted it black and added some pretty little picture frames from Michaels. I added some Script embossed and inked cardstock for the background and added some keys I had. Since the door already had a hole drilled in one corner, I had to drill another on the other side and put in some knobs that were just the right look I wanted. If you've been reading along with my blog over the last 4 months or so, you may have noticed that I'm kinda on a sign making kick. I just can't resist! This sold at the show.

 Remember those 2 sweaters I showed you in this post here?  From this sweater that I got at the local Salvation Army.


Well here is what the one turned into!

I made the other one into a stocking too, but it's not ready for it's debut yet. Since I don't like to see knit stocking stretch the way they do from hanging, I added a band of a brown snowflake ribbon just below the ribbed edge at the top and added a piece to hang by. Solved that problem! It's a little off, but I don't think it looks that bad (looking back, I could have done that hanger a little differently) and, it almost goes with that key sign above it. This didn't sell either, but it had many admirers. Maybe the hanger ribbon kept them from wanting it.  :^(

I'll be linking up to these parties:
                                                         House of Hepworths

God Bless and have a great day!


Beth F. said...

The sweater made into a stocking is a great idea! I also really like your button on the side- "I just want to make pretty things..." :) Good job!

Tracy said...

I really enjoy checking out your projects :)
Loving your stocking :) I knit many stockings in my time....your way is so much easier ;)
I love the look of your wintery blog :)

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

So pretty and festive! Love the sweater stocking! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Thanks for linking to the Simply Christmas inspiration Party at Shabby Art Boutique.
Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne

Katherine said...

Wow, you made some pretty things there. Very creative. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for, well stopping by my blog. I'm a little late. It's amazing how time gets away.

Audrey said...

Love the Stocking. Will have to start looking for old sweaters. My even have some in my closet.
Christmas Blessings.
Audrey Z.

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

I love your key project, definitely an idea for all those keys I have left over after my single framed key. Thanks for sending me the link. :)

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