Dec 22, 2011

Christmas Mantel & Tree

I have been trying for what seems like forever to get a picture posted on here of how I did my mantel this year. It's really pretty simple and nothing spectacular compared to blogland, but these are things I had and wanted to use in a different way. The reindeer is part of a pair I picked up at Hobby Lobby on clearance a couple of years ago. I typically have them standing outside my front door. I guess the other one will have to be lonely this year. LOL! I do love the look of a wreath hanging in the middle of shutters, like I've seen on Pinterest and blog land, but I guess I had seen so many of those & and knew I could not do anything better that I just wanted something a little different with the reindeer.

Yes, there's a fire a blazin' in the fireplace insert because we have it going all winter long to help with the gas bill. Because of the heat from the fire, I have to be careful what goes on the mantel in the winter. Some of the red berries in the garland get hot and split open showing the white foam. I pick them off, but eventually they'll be all gone from that practice. LOL! The floral spray at the top of the shutter is from a garage sale. The little tree luminary I just picked up at the local thrift store for some pocket change.

This is actually my first year being able to decorate a mantel because there wasn't one in the living room before.  There used to be a free standing wood stove sitting in front of the fireplace when we bought our house, but we finally had it removed and put a fireplace insert into the actual fireplace. Then my hubby started to put up a mantel when he was laid off the one time. He got called back to work before it was finished, but was able to finish it when he lost his job last Christmas (thankfully he's working again). And now I have a pretty mantel to decorate! I have a mantel in the family room too, but that is considered the hubby's room with it's authentic barn beam mantel that I could make look all cool, but he doesn't want me to touch it, so I don't.

 Here is our tree this year. It's not as pretty as years past, because I slacked on the motivation to put all the pretty icicle ornaments on, just a few made it. As you can see, there is no snow outside in northern Indiana right now. I'm not a fan of the stuff, but as I've maybe mentioned before, I do need it to get me in the Christmas spirit. We've had some, and that helped, but it hasn't lasted.

Here is a picture of the tree looking through some special 3D snowflake glasses that Brooke got in the mail from her aunt. You might get a better image if you click on the picture. Brooke thought these were so cool! VERY fun!!

I made some Keiflies yesterday and they were just delicious!! I LOVE those things! It's my step-mom's recipe that was her mother's, I believe. My back was hurting after rolling out 70 Kiflies and 2 batches of sugar cookies with Brooke. She enjoys decorating with the colored sugars, but I think I end up throwing away half of the sugar because she seems to get more on the cookie sheet than on the cookie.  :^/

Well, I'm done here today. I have a ton of presents to still wrap and I will be picking up my sister later this afternoon.

So everyone have a Wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other celebration that I may have missed!!

God Bless!!

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Screaming Sardine said...

I really like your mantel. The reindeer looks so pretty in the shutters - very creative and different from the usual wreath. :)

Happy Holidays!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Tracy said...

I was just talking about those lights glasses. My girls had them one year and we would drive around town with them to check out all the cool light displays :)
Your mantel is stunning...I want one :(
Your tree is really pretty. I didn't put on half of the ornaments....just not in the decorating spirit this year :(

Sandy Ang said...

Lovely decorations !

Renee@LivingLaughingLoving said...

Beautiful!! Love the reindeer!

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