Nov 2, 2011

It's Scramble Time and another pillow!!

Well, I'm in crazy scramble mode this week. My first craft show of the season is Nov. 5th and it's usually my biggest one. It's the one where I have people tell me that they only come to that show just for MY stuff. THAT'S a HUGE deal to me! It's also a pretty small venue in a tiny little town of less than 800 people, so for me to have a following of customers and my sales are several hundred dollars and mind you, my stuff is CHEAP compared to other vendors and other shows. I have to be selling a lot to make what I do in 6 hours. I even split my booth space with a friend and she makes just as much as I do. We will probably call each other every day this week trying to calm each other down and scream to each other all the things we've ruined trying to get more product ready for this show, and the one that's the next weekend also. I think we are fools, but it's kinda fun, at least as long as we're making good money anyway. My $$ is going for our Disney fund for next fall. We would like to have more cash to spend on fun stuff and enjoy more sit down dining the next time around than just the snack places we hit the last time, all just because our daughter is a picky eater. Plus, we'll want to celebrate Halloween while we're there and that's extra. My daughter was a little disappointed that we didn't participate in that the last time. We kinda were too. ;^)

We also just got back on Sunday from our 4 day camping trip to Brown County. We do it just about every year. This time around, we managed to drive down to French Lick, IN, which is the home town of the basketball legend Larry Bird. We took an old steam locomotive train ride that goes right by his boyhood home.

We stopped at the coolest antique shop in a tiny, and I mean tiny little town called Bean Blossom. I found so many things that I wanted, but didn't have any funds for at all. I had to borrow $3 from my hubby just to buy a large aluminum tea ball strainer. They had some grain sacks that I was peeing all over myself for. They were more money than I wanted to pay, but IF I would have had it, I would have bought one anyway. It was still waaaaay cheaper than what I seen on Ebay.

They have the funnest looking junk car out front, but they claim it actually does run, even though the spark plug wires are nothing but a barbed wire fence hooked up somehow. My husband seen it, so I can't explain how it looked in detail. Just kinda funny how it works anyway!

We primitively camper camp in the Yellowwood State Forest and it's very pretty back there by a picturesque lake and the prettiest trees that were showing off outstanding color this year! Must have been from all the rain in the spring and summer. Here is a picture of my daughter on the dam wall for the spillway. the water is only a foot below the top of where she's sitting. The water hasn't been that high in several years. We've been able to walk on the top of the dam wall just last year.

I have managed to make another pillow that I didn't screw up on. (rolling my eyes at myself). The ruffled side.

The pillow on the right is the front of the ruffled pillow. I was hoping for a more vintage look to the image, but it didn't turn out as dark when I printed it on the iron on transfer paper than it did on my computer monitor. Oh well. It is what it is. I just hope it sells.

Gosh, I just have so much to catch up on and yet no time to get it all in one post. I also need to figure out how to widen the text area of my blog. There's so much unused space! Perhaps after the holidays, when the snow is blowing and I have nothing better to do but keep the fires burning all day long. Ahhhhh....

God Bless and have a great day!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a fun trip.
I wonder if instead you would have peed on the grain sacks instead of your pants, maybe they would have just given them to you, lol.
Sounds like a good time you have at your craft sales.

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