Oct 20, 2011

Just trying to keep up

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. This is a hectic month for me. Both of my kids' birthdays are this week and I got one out of the way on Monday when my oldest turned 19. My other is going to be 8 on Sunday and is having a sleepover party on Friday night.

Next, if you were here for my previous post last week about our weekend camping trip to central/southern Indiana for the county wide Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County, then you know I was literally OCD focused on getting some persimmon cookies AND the Amish girl's recipe for them. I was even willing to pay her $10 for the recipe. And, if I was luckier to maybe even buy some persimmon pulp, if they had any they were willing to sell. I mean, if you have it to make the cookies, surely you have some on hand, right? There was also the "discussion" me and my hubby were having about where this place was located. Well, in that post, we were both "technically" wrong, but in a round about way, I was right. The funny part was that we had been to a couple of flea markets on Sat. morning and were making our way to the town of Rockville when I noticed "THE" sign that said Garage Sale 3.5 miles. I just knew it was it, I recognized the road. My husband was being very adamant that I was wrong and he knew he was wasting his time and gas to go check this out. He swore it was off of a different road than the one we were on. I just kept my trap shut, especially since the first part of the road that we turned on didn't look familiar. Then, it started looking familiar, really familiar. Here's a funny thing. You see, my hubby and I have this thing that we do where we make bets when there are arguments debates between who is right about any given subject. These "bets" are for dinner to the winner. Although it's funny even when my husband wins because he's usually the one stuck with the bill anyway, since I don't work for $$. It's more or less just a way of getting to eat somewhere that you normally wouldn't for the sake of the wager and for fun.

Anywho... my point being is that I was so debating about making a wager for dinner on whether or not this garage sale was THE sale I was looking for. I should have SO bet!! YES!!! It was the place alright! I don't normally tell my hubby "I told ya so", but I just could not resist and in his own way, he's trying to hold back the smirky grin that he couldn't accomplish. Oh yeah! I was doing the biggest happy dance in the van that one can do while confined in a seat belt of a vehicle. They had persimmon cookies, there was even persimmon bread that looked so good. So I'm patiently waiting for the sweet little Amish girl to get done talking with her current customers so I can practically pounce on her to give me the cookies so no one gets hurt. But I kept my composure and paced frantically while waiting. So I get my cookies, which she informs me that they're still warm from the oven....are you kidding me? You can't get any better than that baby! So then I ask her for the recipe. Not only does she have the recipe, she has a whole book of Amish recipes. Yep! It included the persimmon bread too! I thought I'd died and went to persimmon heaven. But wait....if you want to make persimmon cookies and persimmon bread, don't you need persimmon pulp? Well, ya kinda do. So I ask if they have persimmon pulp for sale. By golly they did!! Half the price of what I paid for it last year for the same amount! OK, now I've died and gone to Heaven! Trying to refrain from losing all my senses and telling her I'll take all she's got, I just got one baggie of cookies, the recipe book and 2 quart bags of pulp. I really wanted to try the bread too, but I might just make that myself. We could have gone home after that & I would have been happy and felt the trip was complete. LOL! OK, well maybe not. Now I just need a persimmon tree! Hmmm...That could take a while.

So here is what the cookies look like, sorry I was only able to refrain from eating the last 2 before I could let them sit long enough to take a photo. They may not be Pinterest worthy, but they're tastebud worthy and that's all I care about! :^D

Unfortunately, I've been so busy with birthdays, crafts and parties that I have not had time to make any cookies or bread yet. It's probably for the best since there was brownies and there will soon be rainbow cupcakes. Hopefully I can make time to get photos of those posted. It's the "cheating" rainbow cupcakes and not the fancy sliced and layered ones. That idea came from Pinterest. Gotta love that site!

I just got word that I have to go Ft. Wayne on Tues. morning so that I can be involved in my sister's consultation to have plastic surgery for a tummy tuck. My older sister has Down's and at one point (much to my disapproval-but "they" didn't care) she was set out for independent living. Needless to say, she gained 100 pounds in 3 months!! Since then, she has been in 24 hour staff supervision and lost quite a bit of that weight. Unfortunately, she has this awful low hanging girth that never seems to heal. It's gross and painful for her. Her staff manager finally got the Dr. to approve the procedure simply because it was finally mentioned that I was concerned and looking into options. Gee, if we only knew that's all it took. I'm not sure why it was never mentioned before, but things are never quickly to resolve where I'm concerned anyway. So now I get to make the 2 1/2 hour trek to Ft. Wayne that morning so I can finally see what can happen for my sister. It will be painful and she will look so different, but hopefully she won't have to suffer with what she has been dealing with all these years. Ok, this post has been extremely long and I apologize. Thanks for bearing with me.

God Bless and have a great day.


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Tracy said...

Taste worthy...isn't that all that matters anyway, teehee.
Dont' you just love it when you are right, lol.
Hubby always wants to bet, but I wish it was who was going to pay the bill, lol.
So glad you found your goodies :)
Do you have a pinterest? I am so not with the in group, lol.

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