Aug 5, 2011

No new inspiration to share - sorry!

But I have a somewhat interesting story to share, at least I find it interesting to ME! You see, I was working on a chalkboard and wanted to dress it up a bit with some stenciled designs. Needless to say in my previous post, it didn't work out. So I sanded down the bad painted stencil job and I needed to mix more paint to cover the sanding (got a little carried away with the sanding too - go figure) but I wanted something to mix my paint with beside trying to do it by hand again. I seen on another blog that this lady used one of those immersible hand blenders. PERFECT! Only...I don't have one. :( So I did some looking online to see how much one of those would cost me at Wally World. It looked like $20 was the cheapest one and that was fine enough for paint! I hated to think about spending that kind of money on a blender, for all things - paint. So Brooke and I head out to fight the awful road construction that is going on right in front of Walmart this summer.

Up the road we discover that there is a garage sale. I only have a couple of bucks on me, but we stop and look anyway. What. do. I. discover? Yes. An immersible hand blender exactly like what I was heading to get at that moment!! Just like it was MEANT to be! But, has no price on it. I ask the lady how much it is and she starts out asking me how much I thought it was worth, then she questions me if $5 is ok. I ask if $3 would work & she says sure! Of course, my little Brookie spies a silver satin clutch she feels she needs for $1. Oh, but wait. I only have $2 on me. The lady said she'd hold them for me until I came back with the $$. And so, after a trip to the bank and a few other garage sales later ;^), we return to pay the lady. And she asked me how much we agreed to and she says "$2?" as she's holding up the blender. And I was being honest and said no, it was $3. So she only charged me $2 for the blender AND $1 for the purse! :O) OK, at this point, I'm done talking and letting her charge me whatever discount she feels is necessary. LOL!! If I would have known that she was asking me $2 for BOTH items, I might have just went with it and it would have been an even better deal! It works beautifully as far as I can tell. My only concern now is that once my husband sees it, he may want it instead of the cup style blender he has for making his fluffy eggs for omelets. What to do, what to do.... ;^)

I made some stuffed primitive shaped stars yesterday for my craft show. I only got 5 done because I was just using up a scrap piece of fabric I had left over from a chair I'm recovering. I don't think I'll be getting anything crafty posted between now and Sat. since the 6th is my birthday and we're planning a trip down to Indianapolis, partly so my son Jordan can test the waters for making the drive back and forth to college there & Alan can see where the college is. He didn't get to make the trip down for the orientation. Jordan is a small town kid and not used to driving in bigger towns, let alone a big city like Indy. This will be interesting, for sure. *sigh*...

I'm hoping to hit one of the Archiver's while we're down there. Haven't been to one of those in a couple of years. I'd like to find another scrapbooking store down there too. Surely Indy has more than just Archivers for scrappy needs!

Well, I have some picture frames I need to go work on and a chalkboard that needs attention - again. Enjoy your weekend!

God Bless and have a great day!



Andrea Amu said...

Oh girl, that was such a great story! My oh my, that immersable blender was just meant for you... funny how things work out sometimes, isn't it?! What luck!
I have one of those blenders, and can I just say, I have never used it... perhaps now I'll one day want to use it to mix up paint, lol!

Anyway... Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope it's a goody! ;)

Tracy said...

I had one of those blenders when I was on my own, many, many moons ago. I tried to mash potatoes with it,,,lets just say we had mushed potatoes not mashed, lol.

What a deal you got though didn't you :)

Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one :)

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