Aug 26, 2011

College Move-In day for my son

So, the day finally came that my first born went off to college on Wednesday. Since he is a Freshman, he moved in one day earlier than the upper classmen.

You had 20 minutes to get your vehicle(s) unloaded and moved out of the parking lot. But, they had teams of volunteers from the different athletic depts. to help you move. Thank goodness because it was just me and Jordan there and both of our vehicles filled.

This is the athletic dome, aka, "The Bubble" as it's called on campus. It was just finished this summer and is very cool! We got an private tour from my son's room mate's cousin. She is the Ladies Assistant Basket Coach, so she gave as the run down and such on this. As it turns out (for reason unknown to myself and I forgot to ask) this will be the practice field for the NFC Champions that will be in the 2012 Super Bowl!! Pretty cool, huh? The bad part is that the field and surrounding areas will be in total lock down while the team is there, including the building with the cafeteria. So, the students will have to find food elsewhere during those 3 weeks prior to the game. My son is hoping to get a glimpse of something, since his dorm is directly across the street from the Bubble.

Here is my son (on the right) with his first year room mate, CJ. They seem to be hitting it off really well and I met his parents, and even though they must be divorced, seem like wonderful people.


In this picture, Jordan is texting as he's sitting with CJ's father and grandfather as we're all waiting for CJ and his mother to get back from getting his schedule.

In this picture, Jordan and I look a little rough, since we just walked back from the Bubble in the 97 degree heat and then walked up & down the FIVE flights of stairs to his room to drop off his books. Needless to say, we were hot and sweaty and a bit tired of the MANY trips up and down those stairs that day. There is an elevator, but it's really slow...when it's working, that is. I sure hope I got at least a little benefit from all that exercise! ;^)

We have been told that there's a condition with first year college students called the Freshman 15. That's where the Freshmen gain 15 pounds in their first year of school. LOL! If my son has to keep going up and down those stairs, that may not be a problem, but he's a big boy to begin with as you can see. My boy has a Monster gut instead of a beer gut (so far anyway).

His room is in a good/bad location. It's directly across from the elevator and the showers. It's good because he's so close to both, but bad because they'll hear all the traffic that comes from those two spots. I liked his dorm room better than the ones we seen on the tour back in June at the other dorm. Since it's probably a slightly newer building than the one we toured, it was more updated in appearance.

I called him on Sunday to see how things were going so far. Classes don't start until today, so he's had some time to meet new people. He had been playing ping pong when I called. Funny, I never pictured my son being very interested in ping pong before.... but then again, he's never been interested in dancing either, but they lured all the kids to the bubble for a dance and since everyone was expected to dance, he did. I don't know if he danced alone or with someone, but I'm just impressed that he stayed and did it. LOL!!

God Bless and have a great day!



Charity said... does it feel with one on college? I'm not far behind you, so I'm watching on the edge of my seat!
Love the whole bubble story.

Tracy said...

Wow only 20 minutes to unpack his stuff.
Hugs to you, I would find it hard to leave my baby behind (as I am sure you did). My daughter went to school here in our town, so she was at home.
Mind you at 22 she is ready to leave the nest, but first she wants to purchase her own.

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