Jul 29, 2011


Last weekend, I noticed a moving sale up the road from us, but I was trying to be good and not stop for fear of the temptation that I knew would be there - besides, I only had a dollar and a load of frozen food in the back of the van + it was over 90 degrees outside. Nuff said.

So, you can probably imagine my surprise when Alan gets home and asks if I've been to the sale up the road. I say No & he's shocked, so I pleaded my case - I mean, I was trying to be good with my spending! He decided he was going, so Brooke & I tagged along. Sure enough, as soon as we pull in I see a mirror and a birdcage I HAD to have! In the end, I'm the only one that came home with anything & he left empty handed & $5 less in his wallet. I also discovered a unique looking plastic mail organizer and thought it looked cool enough the way it was, but I knew it would blend in too much where I wanted it to go.

Here it is in the condition that I bought it. It's molded plastic that's designed to look like carved wood. Unique looking, right? At least I thought it was. I saw that it had even more potential though. Sorry about the 2nd photo, I didn't check to see if it turned out clear and it "clearly" was not, but you get the idea.

Here is what it looks like now with a bit of creamy white paint & then a coat of gel stain that I rubbed off before it was dry. Gives it that vintage look, don't ya think? It looks very nice up against the section of brickwork & the dark kitchen counter I have. I just kinda wish it had some tiny drawers to keep stamps & the small plastic letter openers in, but it's much better than how it was before, which was nothing more than a pile of envelopes & other junk!

I'm still plugging away on the girly graduation mini album. I've had some delays because I've had to come up with ideas to fix what I screwed up. I don't think I can ever do a project that I haven't screwed up something. My goal was to have it done this weekend, but not sure on that. At least it's a surprise, so I don't have a set deadline to get it done, but I have lots of other projects that I need to start working on, so I need to get this one done and out of the way.

So, very early this morning, I hear it raining ... hard. By the time I get up, the yard that always floods when it rains really hard is flooded. I later look out at the pool to see it's overflow device dumping water like crazy & the cute little dolphin chlorinator is floating right at the top of the pool railing! Then, Alan goes & checks to see how much rain we got just this morning it the rain gauge measured 3 1/2 INCHES!! I noticed that my Hibiscus finally bloomed today, but you can't see the flowers because the plants were all beaten to the ground. :^( I hope they snap back when the sun comes out later today & this weekend.

Well, I gotta go get the hubby's paycheck & take it to the bank, so I'm off for a bit of running.

God Bless and Have a Great Day!!



Charity said...

Hurray for the man enabling right :).....I love that mail holder!! Great find girlfriend!

Andrea Amu said...

Okay, I keep trying to post and I'm not able for some reason, so I hope this works...

First, glad you were coerced into going to that sale nearby! I mean, how could you resist, lol?!
That letter holder is extremely cool and I would never have thought it to be molded plastic! Love that you shabbied it up with the paint and gel!

I know you will be so relieved to have that mini complete... but I'm sure it's fabulous, girl! ;)

Tracy said...

How nice that your hubby encouraged you to shop, lol. sounds like mine :)
I think your letter holder turned out beautifully.
As for the rain, I love when it rains, it smells so fresh outside when it does.

Good luck on completing your mini album. I know how it is to want to work on so many projects, but need to finish up others.

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