Jul 20, 2011

One craft show item I'm willing to share

This is my version of a picture I purchased at a flea market many years ago. I sold that picture at one of my craft shows that year. I'll tell ya, first of all, I wish I would have taken a picture of it so I could recall what it looked like exactly & secondly, I wish I would have made a dozen of them that year because I could have sold each one.

Sorry that I didn't take a Before shot of this. The base of the picture is actually an old, faded to blue cardboard picture of a farm field scene that I found at a flea market. Initially, I had other intentions for this old picture, but then I remembered that I had bought everything to make the snowman picture way back when & this picture was the perfect size to make it!! It's made all from felt & I cut everything & stitched the snowman by hand. How cute are those rusty snowflakes? Everything was going "close enough to perfect", until it came time to put the felt on the board. Being totally oblivious of where my fingers were during the gluing process, I managed to get a good sized glob of glue on one of my fingers & of course, managed to get it on the front just below the top right large snowflake. If I would have just thought it through before trying to take a pair of scissors to cut the glue off, I could have just dissolved the permanent fabric glue with some nail polish remover. Now I have this small defect on the picture. I tried to camouflage it by rubbing the felt in other different spots, but it just makes them look like grease spots, which there is not. LOL! The splotch is not really the only defect, but the other one isn't that bad, but when I was ironing the nose on, the iron smeared a little of the orange paint onto his face. I did take a little bleach and water to help remove that, but there's still a tinge of orange left. I guess I'm selling this one at a discounted price because even though it's handmade with imperfection, these are not the imperfections that I can live with.

Now I'll be changing gears from being crafty to outdoorsy by sharing some of my flowers/gardens that are blooming right now. I've thrown in a cute little critter pic at the end to hopefully brighten your day and bring a little smile to your face, in spite of the squelching heat.

I love African Daisies and this is one of my favorite colors. I planted the seeds in my garden a couple of years ago & they have just reseeded themselves every year since. I haven't seen any of the orange ones yet, but there is a gold one that is blooming now too. Not so much my favorite. Goldish yellow flowers are not really my favorite, but they do brighten up where ever they are.

Aren't these blue Bachelor Buttons gorgeous?!!! I direct sowed them from seed and they're just now starting to come into bloom. They sure are pretty, but not enough of them are blooming to give me the impact I'm looking for right now. They're not too picky, considering we have such barren dry sand for "soil" here. They do get really weepy looking in the heat of the mid-day sun, but they do OK in spite of it.

Even though this photo isn't of the peach daylilies and Hosta in full bloom, it's a little past that, but I still love the look, even though the dry, humid weather has taken it's toll on the daylilies, the flowers are still going.

Check out this pretty butterfly that was feeding from my Bee Balm patch today. You can't tell it in the photo, but it was HUGE!! Sorry about the picture quality....by the time I ran back to the house & ran back out to the flowers, it was such a temperature change with high humidity that my camera lens was trying to fog over. I actually think it makes for a cool looking photo.

This is my patch of Bee Balm this year that grows along the back & side of one of the garden sheds. I need to get the seeds moved closer to the side of the shed instead letting them take over more of the backside. DH is complaining that he has nowhere to hide is scrap metal junk without trashing my flowers. OK, nuf said.

One of the things about living where we live is there is a ton of different creatures to be found everyday. Some years we are literally over run with frogs and toads. You'd walk through the yard and there'd be a literal wave of frogs hopping ahead of you!! Oddly, with all the rain we had this spring, this year wasn't really one of them but we still have tons of them. Check out this cute little tree frog shading himself from the late afternoon sun in one of my daylilies. You will find them tucked into the flowers all the time! Isn't he so cute tucked in there? ;^)


I know, I don't post for a week at a time & then this week it's twice & I've gone into pic overload! tee hee!

God Bless and have a great day!

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Tracy said...

I think you snowman frame is perfect. I don't see any flaws, its so adorable.
Your flowers are gorgeous. I haven't really tended to mine this year :(
As for that little frog, so, so cute :)

Meg said...

I think your snowman turned out lovely! I see no defects at all. :) And your flowers are BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had a green thumb!

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