Jul 11, 2011

Breathing again....whew!

Saturday was the day I held my son's Graduation Open House. He actually graduated back on Memorial weekend in May, but I needed much more time to prepare for a party & his step-mom was working on one and wasn't even including me in on it. I was just going to get an invitation to MY own son's party! That was just so they could say that I didn't help with any part of the party & they did it all by themselves. You have no idea what kind expletives I want spew out here, but I'll refrain, since this is a happy post. ;-) So, I just decided I would have a party for him at my own home as well. :D

Here is a shot of my son on his graduation day. He needed a hair cut, but that didn't end up happening. It's the best picture I could get of him. It was also very humid & stormy that day with a tornado warning immediately following the ceremony, so everyone was confined to the hallway & not allowed to leave or go outside. My goodness, it was muggy.

This is the display board I made for the party. (remember, click on the image to see it larger)

I used my Cricut and the markers in the Cricut to print the poem on a 12x24 piece of red card stock. For the border design I used a thin strip of black card stock & then did another strip of red card stock decorated with a border punch design over a wider strip of black card stock. Even though I just did this last week, I can't exactly recall which cartridge I used. It may have been Calligraphy on one of the specialty fonts. It looks a whole lot nicer than my hand writing!

It was so hard at times to read this darn poem while I was working on it. It just hits home and right to heart of a parent. I found this poem way back when my son was only 4 years old and I first got a computer & the internet was in it's own youth. This poem was one thing that I managed to save all these years and not lose, even from one computer to another. That's really something for me! You should be able to view a larger image of this photo by clicking directly on the image.

I'm still kind of dragging yet today & recuperating a little, but so happy I did it & even happier that it turned out fabulous! An added bonus is that my house is pretty darn clean & tidy!! It's still needs more stuff done with it, but this is how I feel it should look everyday.

Oh yeah, I also need to give a big hug & HUGE Thank You to my step-mom for coming over on Friday & helping me get the food prepared. I thought I would have been able to get all that done and everything else I had to do, but I would have been sadly mistaken with a meltdown surely before the end of the day.

And so I'll end this here and remember....
God Bless & have a great day!



Tracy said...

Whew is right.
Love the memory board you made for your son, that is so special.
As for you sons step monster....so uncool.
Good for you for taking it in your own hands and doing it on your own :)

Love that poem :)

scrappingnana said...

Love the poem and your display board is awesome. Glad everything turned out great for the party.

Susie said...

WOW sounds like the graduation ceremony was interesting! Glad you had a great party and glad you did it on your own! Sometimes it is better to just ignore others and do them one better! LOL Sad but sometimes people forget what F-A-M-I-L-Y is really all about! I am so sure your son appreciates what you did! Would love to hear the poem someday! Congrats to you and your son!!!!

Monique said...

Wow what a story! Good for you to organise your own party for your own son!!!!!! Can totally understand how you must have felt!
LOVE that story board you made!!

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