Jun 27, 2011

Our pool deck is now stained!

I don't show too many photos of our house because even though at first glance it looks very cool, it had a ton of work that needed to be done, and still needs done. Once in while, we fit in one of the necessary projects, but in most cases, we end up doing the non-essential ones instead. Human nature I guess. A pool deck would be one of the non-essential ones. We bought the pool back in late 2008, built the deck the next year because it was a cold & rainy summer. I won't go into why it didn't get actually stained last year, but instead got a clear coat sealer on it...that would be a DH issue that I won't get into (rolling eyes here). Anyway. I decided this year the deck WOULD get stained & stained the color I want. DH tried again to side track my intentions, but I was having no part of it again. So I stripped the old sealer off with the cheapo electric power washer, yes I did it all myself, well DS helped a little on the last day & that was just the floor part.

It's not a small deck & there are 2 stairways. We still have to decide what to do the cover the open bottom part of the deck. I know what I want, but it's not cheap. Of course it's not. Won't be happening this year either.

But, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I was actually shooting for a lighter color, but DH sprayed the stain on pretty heavy & it make it darker than I wanted, but maybe it will last longer that way & we won't feel like we need to stain it again next year or the year after.

I might be pretty scarce these next 2 weeks. I'm trying to get everything ready, cleaned & organized for my son's high school graduation party on the 9th of July. The invitations are sent & I started on a display board last week. I think I got the hardest part done & I managed to get that accomplished with my Cricut. I found this heart tugging poem way back when I first got internet & my son was only 4 years old. Yes, it touched me that much that I have managed to keep it all these years. I can't read it without choking up. I swear. Now all I have to do is get the photos & finish decorating it up for it's debut. I hope I can save the poem long enough to do it for my daughter's graduation too.

And so with that, I need to get some things sorted & put away & work on some projects for the party.

God Bless & have a great day!



Tracy said...

Your deck is stunning, Love it. I am envious :)

As for hubby doing it his way and then you fixing it the way you wanted it in the 1st place. I can soooooo relate.

Now I just convince him my way is the best before we have to redo it, lol.

Charity said...

Great looking deck!

Angelina Garcia said...

The deck looks awesome! The fact that it hovers over the ground makes it easier to clean. :D Bet this place will be great for family activities and get-togethers!


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