Jun 3, 2011

Another sneak & a different quickie project.

Before I show you the sneak peek and the quickie other project, I wanted to show you the misspelling I noticed on this paper from the High School paper pack from DCWV. Now, I would certainly hope that by the time you get to High school, you could at least KNOW how to spell the word SCHOOL. And if you notice, the "c" looks quite a bit like the "o" too. I mean, did this not stick out like a sore thumb to anyone there? OK. nuff said bout that.

I managed to get another page done last night on the girl mini album & it's a really simply designed pocket page. I like to make my pocket pages a little bit different than most & it's mainly for practical purposes than anything else. But I won't get into that until I post all the photos of the finished book, as long as I remember to do so.

I can see in this pic that there's a bit of glue over run at the edge so I hope I can get it off with my adhesive eraser. Speaking of adhesive, I hope I found one that is better than I've expected & it is great for doing durable projects like mini albums. Just out of curiosity, I picked up a little bottle of Elmer's Craft Bond double tipped glue. It's pretty cool. If you want a removable adhesion, apply & let dry before attaching. I bought it for trying to restick my Cricut sticky mat, but I seriously don't recommend it for that. It still bonds too good & lasts too long, BUT if you want it to be permanent, then apply & adhere while it's still wet & this stuff ain't coming off, not even with Undu! I don't know about Goo Gone tho.

OK, this next item is not paper related or anything like that, but it's quick & cheap even though I was hoping for a better result than I got. Totally my own fault, but I can live with it.

I picked up this little cement bird at a garage sale for $1.50 yesterday. I just love the design of these little birds.

This is the can of spray paint I used for the first coat. I wasn't wanting a satin finish, but that's what I had & I wasn't wasting gas to see if they had it flat & it just wasn't that big o' deal.

And this is what it looks like with it's first layer of paint. It almost looks like a clay pot color, but not irl.

And this is the final stage with the dry brushed flat paint. I'm thinking that maybe I should have used a foam brush since the regular brush I used was kind of soft & wanted to fill in the grooves more than I wanted it too & less in other areas (notice under the chin).

Well, time to get off here & work on food or something like that.

P.S. Holy smokes! I just got some awesome news that I'm getting a Christmas project published in the Cricut Holidays magazine!!! I am sooooo excited about that! This is the first project that I made specifically for a call, so I was hoping it would get picked up.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Congrats on being published....again :)
I think your little birdie turned out perfectly.
I think they spelled school- skoool to be hip, cool you know to blend in with the kids, lol.
Your project looks so pretty. I really don't like sneak peeks, I like to see the whole project, lol.

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