Apr 9, 2011

Another Boy page

I know many of you scrappers out there can crank out pages in just under an hour or two and they look fabulous & with lots of cool details!! Me? Not so much, no so much at all. It can take me daaaaays to complete ONE page & they end up looking pretty simple in design. Sometimes I can create something that I know is awesome, but they're few & far between. I think part of my problem is that I'm basically lazy & don't want to have to put that much effort into creating things.

I guess when I'm doing a page for my son, I have permission to keep it simple & in his opinion, minimum is best. He tells me I put too much thought & effort into doing a scrapbook page as it is ~ boy, if he saw the pages I see online, he'd be in artistic overload! lol.

This is a page I just completed this morning & yes, I started on it yesterday. I had most of it done then, but I thought it needed something along the sides of the photo, I just didn't know what. Now, I don't know about you all, but my best ideas come to me while I'm lying in bed or even in the middle of a sound sleep. Is that weird, or is it just normal when you're somewhat creative, like myself? {*snicker*}

So, while lying bed, it came to me to add some simple swirls that my son wouldn't think was too feminine. I guess I don't care what he thinks about the pages I do for him. At least someone is keeping track of his life & memories. I know he won't really admit it, but I know he's glad that I do scrapbooking for him, because he forgets a lot of his experiences & if he hadn't seen a scrapbook page of the event, he would completely forget that it even happened.

I know this page doesn't look like a school page by any stretch of the imagination, but the colors went well with his shirt. I thought it needed something else to add a little pop & the little strips in the title border that are the backside of the blue paper had some orange & it looked pretty good, so that's what I went with.

The title was cut on my Cricut Expression using the Mickey Font cartridge at 1.50" & then I ran them through my crimper, that had to be dusted off since I hadn't used it in years! I've noticed that the crimped letters are becoming popular. I like that look. I hand cut the chevrons on the corner & used Lyrical Letters with the Capital setting & cut at .80", I think. The little primitive stars were cut at .50" using the George cartridge & the swirls were cut with the Home Decor cartridge & cut at 1.80", 1.40" & 1.20" for each set, but I used the "Flip" option for the left side because the card stock has a texture to it on one side. The little tag is a Maya Road chipboard tag I just got in the mail yesterday as one of my gifts from having a project published in the Cricut magazine. How cool is that? I just covered it with more orange card stock & added his teachers' names on it. Then.... I added dimensional glaze to the circles in the upper right corner, because you know wet cup rings are a staple in every kid household! I like how the page looks, but in the photo, it looks like the orange is brighter than it really is. It's more of a burnt orange than this pumpkin-y color. I might add some little brads to the page here & there, but I think I'm mostly done with this one!

And with that long chapter from the novel I seem to be writing, I'll end this post!

God Bless & have a great day!


Tracy said...

Ohhh I really love your layout. I think it is perfect.
I am one of the ones that could spend days on a layout and it still looks pretty plain to me. So you are not alone.
I also get a lot of my ideas as I am in bed or drifting asleep. I think I forget more than I remember.
I keep dreaming of colouring lately though ;)

Charity said...

Love it!

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