Apr 25, 2011

After Easter

Well, I'm pretty exhausted after this weekend of preparing for & driving down to Tennessee to spend Easter with my grandmother & deliver my 1977 Trans Am to uncle, who was buying it from us. We had a tire on the trailer literally desintegrate on us, but we did have a spare & we were only an hour away from our destination.

The weather & scenery was beautiful & we had a pretty good time, but I know how my family is and I just kept hoping that things were different because people get older, but that was not the case. I know the card I made for my grandmother was not my best work by magazine & designer standards, but I thought it was pretty enough. I guess my grandmother was not impressed with the card at all. She thanked me for the card, gave me a quick hug, put the card back in the envelope & tossed it on the kitchen counter for it to get food & grease on. Later it disappeared. I guess we do things a little differently around at our house. The cards go on display for everyone to see & definitely NOT on the kitchen counter to get ruined within 5 minutes. I guess I'll just skip the card making for her. This isn't the first time that she looked so uncaring about a card I made for her. I just thought that she would appreciate something hand made more than a non-craft person, since she had made things herself for years.

Dealing with my grandma is kinda like dealing with my mother, it doesn't matter what you do, it's not going to be the right thing for them, so I'm gonna do what I want to do & how I want to do it so at least that way, at least someone is happy & it might as well be ME! ;-)

Brooke did wonderful the whole trip. She didn't complain, but did keep asking if we were getting closer. We always tell her that we're getting closer all the time because we keep moving, but it's still a long way to go yet. Thanks goodness for the Nintendo DS & the portable DVD player, which that had to be swapped back & forth between Brooke & then to my sister, who rode with our dad. I guess my sister trying to sing along to the movie Mama Mia was some interesting entertainment for my dad, to say the least. LOL!

I need to get to work on making some gifts for a friend of ours who's having a 40th birthday this weekend. I bought one of those acrylic tumblers to add some vinyl to & then maybe a picture frame for his desk at work & of course, a card.

Oh, and last but not least, today is my hubby's 46th birthday! I need to go get a cake for him & start on making him Chicken Parmesan for dinner. I haven't even gotten him a gift, but he may not want one since he just went back to work a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to say about him on that whole gift giving thing.

God Bless & have a great day!



Tracy said...

Sorry your beautiful card wasn't appreciated.
We too display all the cards on the ledge and I always save the hand made ones, thats for sure.
I agree that you have to do things to make you happy. If you can't please your grandma and mother after this many (I know 29 right ;) years, you probably never will. But next year when you bring them a store bought card, they will be asking why you didn't make them one, lol.

Andrea Amu said...

I know you feel a little let down about your grandmother's card, but not everyone expresses themselves openly... although you may not think she appreciated your handmade gesture, Beth, I bet she does! She's just not "expressing" her feelings about it. I agree with Tracy... she'll probably ask why you don't make her a card next time if you don't, lol!

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