Mar 28, 2011

A little outta sorts

I don't know if I have a cold or if I have allergies, but I'm feeling a little funky-like the past couple of days. Between the congestion & the sorta dryness in my throat, my head feels a little distorted. In spite of not feeling quite up to par, I still worked out this morning even though I first told myself that I'd only walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then I renegotiated with myself & said that it wasn't so bad, so maybe 15 more minutes and when it was all said & done I ended up walking the full hour anyway. I don't know where I get my own personal drive sometimes, but I wish it would hang around all the time! LOL!!

Today is the day that my hubby goes to the Dr. to get a sebaceous cyst removed from his head. {this next portion maybe be a bit graphic in description-so consider yourself forewarned} It's the 2nd one he's had, but this one seems to have a life of it's own & is really nasty & disgusting looking. He's had it since about 6 months after he had the first one removed, which was about 9 years ago, but he bumped this one a few weeks back & it caused it to grow quickly & now it has
an opening & you can see the actual cyst! EWWWW Gross!! I jokingly tell my husband that it due any time now & he must be dilated at 10 cm. When it's born, he's gonna have to just cut the cord & let it go before he can have an emotional bond with it. LOL!! Surprisingly, our 7 yr old daughter wants to watch him get it cut out at the Dr. We were told that it would be fine, unless the Dr. didn't want her there. I know I'd rather see it get cut out than to look at it anymore. I make him wear a hat because it's HUGE! I know he can't wait to get rid of it either, since it's pretty sore for him now. I just hope he doesn't get anymore after this one.

On a less gross topic, I had submitted some projects in to the Cricut Magazine earlier this month, but I haven't heard if they'd put out the notifications yet. I think I will do some more checking around, but from what I had seen, no one else had heard anything yet either. I was thinking maybe today & that maybe I'd get something picked again.

So, have any of you had the Spring Cleaning bug yet? I got a slight taste of it on Sunday, but I can't get too ambitious yet. We use a fireplace insert in our living room all winter long & it blows out a ton of dust & soot into the house. We still have to use it with the overnight temps being into the low 20's & the daytime high temps aren't even 40. So, until we're ready to stop burning the wood, I can't do a good cleaning & I hate it when I'm in the mood because it may not come back around again this year! {*snicker!*}

Well. need to start getting around here for the hubby's Dr. appt.

God Bless & take care!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

OK Seriously...where are the pictures of that sucker. I want to see it.....if you can video tape the procedure.
I had a cyst by my ovary. It grew...big. I looked preggy. I wanted them to video tape it, they thought I was sick, lol.
The took over 1.5 litres out it before removing that sucker.

Spring cleaning....I keep wanting to but the reality sets in and I dont', lol.

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