Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's Day projects

Valentine's Day was a busy day for both my husband and I. First, I made some things for our 7 year old daughter, Brooke. Nothing super fancy, but I know she'll love them.

This is the card I made using A Child's Year for the card base and Celebrate With A Flourish for the heart & inside sentiment.

Valentine's day card

Here is the inside that was made from Celebrate with a Flourish. I really liked how it turned out & I did it using the same colors they had in their example image. I used a lavender shimmery paper as well as the pink too. The red & white are just plain, cheap card stock from Walmart paper packs.

This is the card along with the wrapper cover I made for the king sized Kit Kat bar that I just used up some scraps and another heart that was cut the wrong size for the card, but worked out good enough for this! Wrapped the ribbon around it from a balloon we picked up, since she just LOVES balloons!
valentine's day ideas

This next project, the hubby decided to start on another home improvement project that day. It's not a big project & yet it is. All we're trying to accomplish is installing a display cabinet into the alcove in our kitchen so that we can have a place to keep ALL his mother's Brown Drip dishes & free up a ton of cabinet space while creating something more decorative in what would have normally been a dead space.

What a mess! We tried keeping the dust down to a minimum with me spraying the blade down with water while he was cutting, but you just can't control it all. Today has been cleaning day....I might as well start my spring cleaning early! The dust is everywhere!

Here is the hubby starting to break up the bricks so they can come out.

We actually have the door frame in place, the hubs just needs to fill back in the 2 bricks that didn't stay where they were supposed to. I will get pictures posted of that later. Alan says it's my job to clean the doors, since he cleaned the mess, but I have the entire rest of the house to dust as well AND I did a finishing mop in the kitchen after he was done. I bet we need to replace the furnace filters after this mission! LOL!!


Tracy said...

I love your card and the wrapped candy bar for your daughter. I may have to check out that cartridge.
Looks like a mess, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end

I have a blog award for you on my blog :)

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

I love your pretty Valentine's card! Good luck with your remodeling project. I have learned that the thing about construction is nothing's easy!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment about my painted letters.


Jennifer Stutzman said...

cute card!

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