Oct 6, 2010

So busy!!!

It is getting to be my very busy time of the year & it's not even Christmas yet!! October is such a crazy month for me. First, we are cleaning out the garage of all the remaining garage sale stuff. Done. Next, we are planning on going camping, so we have to get everything ready for that. Started. Then, DH thinks I should do our daughter's birthday party for the weekend of the 16th. What? Ummm....ok. Then, we're going camping again. Fun! Then, there's Halloween. More fun! After that, I have one craft show & then another the next week. I am not even close to being ready for 2 shows. I have so much stuff laying around waiting to be worked on, it's not even funny.

Here's the scenario as it will unfold....my husband will expect me to work on the things that HE feels are the priorities now. Then, when it comes to crunch time for my shows, he'll be saying stuff like, why weren't you working on this stuff a few weeks ago? WHAT??!! Gee dear....you thought other things were MY priority first.

Oh, and I can't forget that it's getting to be crunch time for helping my son fill out all those college applications & all that good stuff. He had a college fair the other night, so there was more time lost. Not wasted IF my son gets into where he wants to go cheaper than what it actually costs & he actually becomes a Dr. in Physical Therapy. I never thought I might be able to say I'm the mother of a doctor! Any who... I'm getting sidetracked.

Now mind you, I HAVE been working on stuff for these shows since the beginning of the year in Jan. Then, one show was in question of even happening & then it was officially canceled only to be officially on again a month later. Oh, Heaven help me!

So, in between all the other stuff that's been going on, I've been forcing myself to still fit in time to get my stuff ready. I don't make the progress I wish I was, due to design issues or creative block that results in wasted product. Did I mention that that really irritates me?

I have really gotten quite a bit accomplished, just not in the manner I wish I was. Take hand sanitizer & soap bottles, for instance. I have tons of these waiting to be decorated, but I only have one of each made. How do you go to a show & only show up with one hand sanitizer bottle & one soap dispenser bottle? Sell them as one of a kind? Hmmm...I don't think that works for stuff like that, do you? No. It doesn't.

So anyway, in case you're looking for craft show inspiration to use, here may be a few ideas. I just hope you're NOT doing the same shows I am.

Home Decor style Plate

Winter/Christmas Decor Plate

Baby wipe containers, still working on the tractor one tho.

I have other things that I've finished for the sale, but those items are top secret, because I feel that they're very unique & I do not want to risk any competition for those sales. I had something last year that I made the mistake of posting online once & sure enough, someone else at the show made something so very close (almost identical) you know they had to copy it thinking they'd be the only one at that show, but ah, that was not the case. So, when it comes to something that I think is a hot seller, I wait to post any pictures until it's all over. Other stuff, doesn't bother me as much, maybe. It's tough enough to make someone want to spend their money at these shows during tough times, so you have to be EXTRA creative & cheaper than the rest if you want them to spend their hard earned money at your booth.

So here's keeping my fingers crossed that I get all my stuff done when it needs to get done!

God Bless & have a great day!


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Lydia said...

Oh I just love that little tractor!! Great creations!!

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