May 6, 2010

Working on the view from my window...

Well, the photo below won't be the view from MY window, but it will be for my step-mom. Even though I'm not into the cutesy kind of decor like this teapot planter, I do like how it turned out. Brooke picked out the pot & the Gerbera Daisy, but I selected the color & the other plants to go with it. There's not really much room to plant too many things in this planter, so you have to watch it & not go overboard. Fortunately, I found an asparagus fern that was growing to one side of it's container & that made it easy to break off some excess dirt that was necessary to make it fit with the daisy in that small opening. Then, I thought I'd try a little idea of sticking a bit of the sweet alyssum coming out of the spout. I will have to say that the key to putting this all together was using the Miracle Gro Moisture potting soil. It was pretty wet & held together well for packing.

Below is one that went in a whole other direction than what I was thinking in my head. LOL! Does that happen to you? It happens to me on just about everything I do. I guess that's why I don't plan things out, they never work out that way & I have to start the thought process all over, or else I'm just a poor planner. Hmmmm....could be!(eyes rolling). I still like how this turned out & I'm hoping it fills out the way I'm wanting it to. I was initially just going to fill the planter with the blue lobelia, but then I thought how pretty the white alyssum would look & smell with it and the next thing ya know, I'm picking out red petunias & going for the Americana look & of course, I needed the spike in the center for the look of a firework exploding! I know, kinda corny, but that's how I am sometimes.

I really like that planter, but unfortunately, since we live in the woods, the 1st year I had it a raccoon must have been intrigued by it & knocked it off the wall. Now it has a big hole on one side (on the right side), but it luckily doesn't affect the the interior of the pot. I should have been a little wiser in planning my photo op & took my shot from a different angle.

I h ave a few other planters that I want to put together yet, but need some more flowers to hopefully get the look I want. We'll see.

As for scrapbooking, I have to make some Mother's Day cards & a moving away card for my grandma. I need to get going on those, the going away party is tomorrow & Mother's Day is the next day. Not to mention that I'm supposed to be making a pasta salad & some brownies or cookies to take too.

With all that, I guess I should get off here & start on something!

To all the wonderful Mother's out there, I hope you all have a great Mother's Day & are able to spend it with your kids, big or small.

God Bless & have a great weekend!



Andrea Amu said...

What wonderful planters!
Those will really be enjoyed I'm sure!

Hope you had a sweet Mother's Day! :)

*charygirl said...

Love those planters....they look wonderful. ANd I haven't even started to plant a thing this year, you're way ahead of me already :)

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