May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cards

Here are two cards I made for Mother's Day. I thought they were quite pretty, but don't seem to be drawing too much attention from others, so they must be the kind that only the creator can love.

The first one is for my Grandma. It was also a going away card for her, as we had a going away party on Sat. for her & her husband. They have decided to move to Tennessee & are in the process of selling their house. I wanted to make a separate card for the "going away" part, but once the inspiration finally hit for her card & my step-mom's card, I didn't have enough time for a 3rd one. I took some of the tiny cuts from the 2nd card just to add a little pop of color on this one. I used the Wild Card Cricut cartridge for the card base & the Mother's Day cartridge for the rest of the card design. I also used my Cricut markers to create the outlines. I found that I had a more noticeable look when I went over it twice with the markers. I also discovered that I could get a different look if I swapped out different marker colors for a more customized color, like I did on the first card base outline. That was a green & blue & I got a sort of teal color. I wanted to emboss the frame behind the word "Grandma" but I got a little ahead of myself & didn't feel like pulling it apart just to do that, so I made sure I did the one on the inside of the card. LOL!

This is the inside of the card. Nothing like a little bit of Stickles & some Pearlz to add the right amount of bling to a card!

Below is the card I made for my step-mom. I have to admit to everyone that I did not make a card for my mother. She has caused our relationship to become quite strained over the years. I wish it could be very different than what it is, but her mental illness makes it very difficult to be with her, as she seems to feel like she's not happy unless she's ruining a perfectly good day for everyone. For anyone that may know or have dealt with a family member with mental illness, you can understand ... or maybe not.

Anyway, I was shooting for a more blue & yellow look with this card, but when I discovered this darker bluish-purple card stock in my stash, I thought it would stand out better, & then adding the dark blue Stickles just seemed to add even more to the wow factor equation.

I first have to admit the quality of this picture is poor, so I apologize for that. Also, the inside of this card didn't turn out as nicely as I would have liked, but time was running out, it was late, I was tired & she was still impressed. I have to say that the doily cuts on the Mother's Day Cricut cartridge are the BOMB!! If you get it for nothing else, get it for these cuts!

God Bless & have a creatively great day!

1 comment:

*charygirl said...

Those are great cards!! I love the shape of them, and you added just enough detail. LOVE the inside. Can't wai to see that cart upclose and personal.

Happy belated Mother's Day my friend.

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