Apr 9, 2010


This is the only thing I've gotten done for this posting & it's a nearly total scrap lift of the one done by Stmako111 at Scrapbook.com. About the only thing different from hers is that I used a bubble border punch along the striped velum at the center of the page & I used Goofy's head for the Cricut die cut instead of a full body, but only because I don't have the Mickey & Friends cartridge that he is on. I have the font one, which is really good to have too, by the way! My colored swirls are different & the "O's" in Goofy are a bit different than hers, but they're still the same effect. I'd still like to do a 2nd page for this, as I have another photo & his autograph that I'd like to include too. We'll see how far I get on that. I'm trying to clean my scrap room some so I can get around more. Geesh! It's never ending!

That's it for today for me. It's sunny & a bit chilly after having the freezing rain overnight. Going to go outside & see how my flowers are holding up!

God Bless and have a great day!


1 comment:

*charygirl said...

Love that Goofy title, so fun!

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