Mar 3, 2010

Scrappin; Disney Style!

Last October we took Brooke to Disney World in Florida for the the first time & I can't believe that I'm actually getting started on scrapping the pages already! Ummmm, that's pretty good for me! I even have 4 pages done!

Jasmine double page layout

Jasmine - Left hand

Jasmine - Right Hand

Embossed gold earring

Jeweled waisteline

Disney or Bust: Done to a sketch made by my good friend, Kelly C. She does a great job with the sketches!

I can't take credit for this next page, but I can't recall who I lifted the idea from, but she was on the Cricut message board.

Simple Disney page
I have been really busy crafting & scrapping lately, but don't want to show everything just yet. I've submitted a few of them to magazines in hopes of finally getting something published, but after more than 2 years of trying, I still have not been successful with the paper print, hard copy magazines. I haven't given up hope....yet.

Well, I'm fighting a friggin head cold just as the weather is starting to look a bit like spring is actually around the corner. My daffodils are sprouting!! It's supposed to be near 50 on Monday, but snow on Tues. I hope they're wrong about the snow.

God Bless & have a great day!


LG said...

hi hun! Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog. You are the sweetest.

Love seeing all those Disney pages. I'll be going to HK Disneyland and I really need some inspiration

Beth said...

I Love you blog and will definately be following you! Thanks so much for hopping ofer to my blog this past weekend and for leaving such a nice comment!

*charygirl said...

You're killing the Disney pages! I'm gonna mail your post to my Mum....she's going to die when she sees them.....yes, in a good way! ;)

Andrea Amu said...

Don't give up on the quest for publishing! It will happen! It took me forever to get my first pub!

You know I love these pages!! Fab work, girl!

Monique said...

Gorgeous pages Beth! Love how you embossed that earring and added those rhinestones!

Margot said...

wow! love it! thanks for joining the dutch dares!

Petra said...

Beautiful pages Beth! I love Disney myself very, very much so I enjoyed watching your beautiful layouts! Thanks for playing along with the Dutch Dares!

marsha. said...

Hi Beth,

Lovely pages! I esp. love the ones with the die cut Jasmine!! So happy that you decided to play along with the Dutch Dares! Thanks!!!

D@nielle said...

wow that's a lot of disney, thanks for playing along with our dutch dares !

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