Feb 14, 2010

Shootin' from the hip Valentine Cards

Today is Valentine's Day. I like it, but it's not really something I look forward to like Christmas or my birthday, ya know? This year was kinda funny though. Usually my DH doesn't get me anything except maybe a card & refuses to buy me chocolate - something about getting myself enough of it all year long that it doesn't make it special today, whatever....anywho, so the other day he tells me he got me some little something for V-day. It's something I sorta want & kinda need, but nothing to get excited over. Ok, I'm clueless as to what it is, but I know what it aint! It ain't chocolate or scrapbook stuff, that's for sure! But, I'm thinking to myself, I ain't got him nuttin - not even a card & I make cards!

On Sat. morning, I get my hiney upstairs to make all the Valentine cards, but I don't have much Valentine stuff in my stash. It's just not high on my list of "wanna make" projects for some reason. As usual, I'm working on the fly here, but I was surprised by how quickly the idea came together, as simple & plain as they are, I was fairly pleased with them. I wouldn't call them gallery or magazine material by any stretch of the imagination, but impressive enough to the non-card making community & my family. I've made much better cards in the past with string art & all kinds of fancy stuff like that, but this year I guess I don't have the spark to WOW anyone over the edge. These could have used some inking & some other adornments, but they looked fine enough without that stuff.

Here's the one for my 17 yr. old son, Jordan. It's much like the others, but less decorative paper was used & yet it will still probably be too frilly looking to him. Maybe when I'm dead & gone, he'll appreciate it more - if he even keeps it.

Here is the one I made for my 6 yr. old daughter, Brooke. I cut out a heart shape for the inside & inked it red around the edges with a hand written message. I added a few red jewels on the hearts for her card.

This is the one I made for my husband. A little more paper used & I added layers of paper on the inside too. I also put some red jewels on the hearts of his card too.

After Alan made breakfast of heart shaped waffles & some bacon, we went to Menards & then had a late lunch at McDonald's, since that's Brookes favorite place to eat. We're on a really tight budget with Alan being laid off, but we were all able to eat on $10 with the coupons we had & Brooke had a $1 gift cert. from a contest she had entered. Once we got back to Plymouth, we stopped in Walgreens & Alan picked up a balloon & lip stuff & a few candy things for Brooke. We felt bad since we had gotten something for each other & not her.

Which brings me back to what we got each other! It was funny because he got me a set of screwdrivers & I got him one of those standing food hand shredders. I got tools & he got something for the kitchen. You would have thought it should have been the other way around. But, I wanted some tools of my own so I don't have to hunt down his, which he never keeps any in the house & I'm too lazy to go out to the other garage to hunt them down in the mess that's out there. And, he was wanting a new shredder because the one we had was just a one sided number that he just couldn't like. The other one we had was starting to rust. I think he likes this one, it's bigger & sturdier. I just hope he doesn't shred a knuckle with it!

God Bless & have a great day!



Andrea Amu said...

Now those are some real practical gifts! I like the idea of having your own tool kit. I saw around Christmas time, I believe it was at Sears, they were selling a "pink" tool kit for woman! Fun, huh!

I think those wer perfect Valentines that you made for your family! I didn't even get or make one for my dh this year... but I didn'y get one either. He did bring me home a bouqet of white carnations though! :)

Kelly C. said...

What FUN Valentine's gifts! Sort of a ROLE REVERSAL thing going-on!

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