Oct 28, 2009

Waaaaaay behind!

Wow! This has been a slow month for me to get projects done & posted on here. But, it's been for a very good reason! We just returned from a week at Disney World in Florida!! I also had a sick daughter right before we left, so that was a bit rough trying to get her well enough to go so we didn't have to cancel the trip.

We drove there from northern Indiana, so it was a 2 day drive for us. All I have to say is, Thank GOODNESS for portable DVD players!! We bought a new one just days before we were to leave & it was a blessing to have that. We warned Brooke that we would not be getting to DW on the first day, so don't even ask if we're there yet.

I wish I could have had a picture of her face as we entered the Magic Kingdom. It was priceless & the look of wonder & magic was definitely in her eyes. There is so much to see & do there, it's just so amazing! It's my 3rd time at the Magic Kingdom & still have not seen it all. It's difficult only because I keep taking people that haven't been there before & things are always changing with the park too, so you see some of the same stuff over & over with each new person you take & some you just have to see again to remind you of how cool they were!!

My daughter's favorite thing was her Princess Storybook dining experience at Akershus in the Norway village at Epcot. I highly recommend the roasted chicken for yourself & your child. The buffet is a bit challenging from a child's point of view with the pickled fish & cold salmon among other unique Norwegian cuisine, but my very picky daughter was able to find the salami, cheese cubes & rolls to her liking. She liked the chicken & thank goodness the veggie they served with it was corn! I thought the chicken was delicious too. Much to my surprise, when you see the list of the desserts on the menu, you might want to keep in mind that you get ALL 4 of the desserts! The chocolate mousse was devine! They only serve real vanilla ice cream at Disney, so that was very tasty. I tried a small bite of the apple dumpling, but I was already stuffed to the max as it was, so I didn't eat much of it. I must say, I tried something called cream & rice that was one of the dessert items, and I must say, I liked it! It was more like a semi-frozen, sweet cottage cheese with strawberry sauce on top. It wasn't overly sweet, so I think that's why I liked it. I have a sweet tooth, but in the past year, it seems to like the really sweet stuff less & less.

That's all I'll post for today.
God Bless & have a great day!


Sheryl said...

Hi Beth, glad you had such a good time at Disney World. My boys loved trying all the different foods in the international village - even sushi (ewww!) I can't imagine driving for two days though, what an angel Brooke is.

*charygirl said...

She's sooooo adorable in those photos!! Glad you made it and safe too. Sounds like you could have stayed a bit longer huh? ;)

I've given you a blog award---come check it out!

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