Jul 28, 2009

Finally finished after a long stall....

Well, I had two Baby Boy albums to make in 3 weeks time & managed to get the first one done in less than a week. This one was almost done in the time that it needed to be, but I was stumped for the 1 Year page, as I felt it should be a special one. So doing like I do, I moved on to other projects that needed my attention. Well here we are and the baby is going on two months old & I still have not had the book finished! I figured I better get my hiney in gear & get it done before the poor boy is graduating from college! LOL!! His poor mother is already going to be 3 pictures behind as it is. I guess, since these are such dear friends, I felt I needed to put my heart & soul into it. It's still not exactly done yet, but the only thing left is to finish the front cover & I hope that doesn't take as long to figure out as the last page of the book did. Geesh!

Also, I'm not all that savvy with this blogger set up & feel, it could use a much more user (idiot?) friendly set up than it does. So, there tends to be some huge gaps in ramblings, when that happens, just keep scrolling on down until you see my siggy line & THEN you'll know you're at the end! *snort-snort!*

I don't know why I don't have a picture of the front, but I apologize that I don't.

Inside Book Cover
simple baby boy mini album

Welcome page
baby boy scrapbook

Months 1 & 2

Months 3 & 4

Months 5 & 6

Months 7 & 8

Months 9 & 10

11 Months & 1 Year

The card I made using only the Cricut with A Child's Year cartridge. I love this cartridge! Also, since this is a double sided patterned cardstock by Wild Asparagus, I only used one piece of it for the whole card, inside & out.
teddy bear card

Inside of card.
rocking horse

Well, I gotta go hit the Wally World for a few groceries, so I'll chat with all y'all later!

God Bless & have a great day!

Jul 25, 2009

I can't believe I did it!

Ok, it's done. I can't believe I actually did it, and that's half the battle for me. I submitted my projects to Bo Bunny for a position on their prestigious scrapbook manufacturing design team. I seriously don't believe that I stand a chance among the caliber of other designers that will be submitting or resubmitting for another term. I was a little disappointed with the card I made & perhaps I should have sent them this one, instead.

I guess I just wanted to use a different line of paper than what I used on my other 2 entries.

Now comes the agony of waiting until the day after my birthday, which my birthday is Aug. 6 ;), for the announcement of who made it.

I have only submitted to a manufacturing company once before & obviously didn't make it there either. I've been kinda chicken to submit for too many other DT spots, but I'm also trying out for one other one. I tried there last year & didn't make it there either. I know you have to go through lots of rejection at first, so that's why I'm not giving up!

I'm sure it's not easy for these company's to decide who to pick among all the amazing entries they receive. Although I have to admit, I just don't get it on some of them that they choose. Maybe I don't get picked because I don't hang out at the bigger message boards & no one knows my name. I guess I need to work on that more.

I do wish everyone the best of luck, but more so for myself! LOL!! ;)

God Bless & have a great day!


Jul 22, 2009

Gettin' it done!

If you're confused about which season it is? Don't be. No, it's not Halloween, or even Fall, for that matter. I had started this 2 page layout last year in the Fall, after receiving these gorgeous K & Co. glittery papers from my Secret Sister - Cher (thank you so much girl!). The pictures are of my daughter, Brooke from 2007, after she has just turned 4. I ADORE these photos of her!! I love them for at least 2 reasons: 1) She wasn't posing at all & I couldn't believe that I actually got great shots without even trying. We were trying to get the usual staged shots, but she was goofing off & in a moment of taking a break, I got these. I love them so much that I think I could scrap them a hundred times. 2) The 2 main photos are the perfect Sugar & Spice contradiction. On the left is the sweetest little angel you'll ever meet & can't resist, but on the right is the temperamental & bored "Are you done yet?" look. I think it's too funny that you see the little tattoo on her forearm & her rocker peace sign with her fingers. These are the moments that REALLY make me glad I scrapbook!

Aside from all that, I was so glad to be able to use one of my many favorite scrapbook lines & that's My Little Yellow Bicycle. The flocked shapes & die cut border paper worked beautifully with the K&Co. paper. Then, can we talk about that amazing tree from Fancy Pants? I just didn't think you could do it justice without putting a big ol' moon behind it! And let's not forget about those gorgeous black jeweled Prima swirls!! Mmm..mmm...mmm!

Here are some close-up shots of the hidden tag journaling made with the darling Making Memories tags. I added some tiny brads to help pull them.

The next view is some more journaling & since I just got one of THE best new cartridges to come out by Cricut (A Child's Year) it had an appropriate fairy silhouette that I added to replace a picture that I moved.

This is a page I did for The Memory Zone design team assignment to use the newest Reminisce "Preschool" Signature series line. The page is fairly simple, but I think it turned out rather cute! Not to mention that the sweet little ABC123 border punch by EK Success is THE perfect accent for this page! And look! There's another cute cut from that latest release from Cricut, called A Child's Year again. If the silhouette image looks a little off, it's because it is. I liked the look of just a shadow of the yellow paper underneath showing through for some added interest. Did you noticed the little crayon sticker I used to point to which child is my daughter? Made the perfect pointer, I thought.

OK, well I hope I left you with a smile & perhaps a bit of some inspiration too!

God Bless & have a great day!

Jul 17, 2009

I have proof!!

Well, now I have seen it in writing that scrapbooking actually makes you feel younger & is good for you! I read a tip from RealAge.com that says you can take years off your age by jotting down your memories & events, like birthdays & holidays. How cool is that? In my world, isn't that what scrapbooking is all about? So, I say "DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOURSELF, SCRAPBOOK MORE!"

On the other hand, if I'm feeling 3.5 years younger than I am, I'd hate to think of how bad I'd feel if I didn't scrapbook! Ugh!! I guess I'd better not stop, eh?! Hee..hee..hee...

So, I had to take the precious Princess pup to the vet yesterday. I was glad to hear that it wasn't anything serious or something like mites, mange, a severe case of fleas or (ewww!) worms. But it was still has a gross factor involved. I had to ask the assistant to repeat what she said when she told me what might be wrong, because I wasn't sure I heard her correctly the first time. She told me that the dog's anal glands were plugged. Uhhh, what are anal glands??? Needless to say, I got the story of how they are what defines the dog's scent when marking it's territory. Ooooo-kay! I won't even describe what the vet had to do to "unplug" poor Princess' glands. I'm not too sure what Brooke thought about it, but she didn't seem to be too squeamish about it. I kind of have a feeling that this may not be our first trip to have this "procedure" done either, since the dog likes to eat anything & I mean ANYTHING & that is the start of the cycle that causes it to occur.

I have no scrappy stuff to share today. I've been working on some design team projects & some things for design team tryouts elsewhere. I've been on a roll lately, so I hope I can keep those creative juices flowing as freely as they have been. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make the teams that I'm trying out for!

God Bless & have a great day!

Jul 6, 2009


Well, it feels good to feel like I'm making some creative progress right now. I managed to get 3 scrapbook pages completed and a gazing ball that's only been in the works for 2 years now! This may not seem like much to the big time designers out there, but I'm pretty sure that none of them are reading this blog.

First, this is my gazing ball that I made from a bowling ball that I found at a garage sale for $1. I spray painted it apple green & then took those flat marbles in different shades of blue & made a design all around the ball. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now, let's hope it holds up to the weather like I was told it should!

Next is my two page scrapbook spread I did using the new Bo Bunny Popsicle line. It is the cutest stuff!! I added a lot of dimension on here for all the different styles of water I wanted to depict, since I couldn't make up my mind which I wanted to choose. *snicker* I added Prima blue bling swirls to look like the water continues to spray up off the photo. Then, I added some Quickutz flourishes that have a neat little POP to them. I had to add some pop dots underneath to keep them lifted in a page protector & I also added dimensional glaze to the part that's lifted. I like the look of a tone on tone title & I added some pop dots to that as well, so help set it off a little better.

Then, I finally got around to making another page for my wedding album. I am terribly slow at doing this one....we will be married 9 years on July 15th. I still have a long way to go yet.

I challenged myself with this Rusty Pickle Chocolate Covered Cherries line. I love the look of the papers, but sure had a hard time thinking I could make them work for me. I think I did OK with them for these photos. The photos are really bad, but I had to take a picture of a photograph, which weren't great ones to begin with.

Then, the 2nd photo is the inside of the flap I created with the scalloped Rusty Pickle paper I used. I found that it was a great way to add tons of journaling without taking away from the creative design of the page. It makes for an interactive page, which I like. So, I might be using this technique again. I have not seen it anywhere else, so I'd like to think the idea is totally my own!

The journaling tells about how my husband and I made each of the individual cake stands ourselves. They were truly unique - kinda like us!

Well, I'll call it a day for today & hope everyone had a safe & fun July 4th.

God Bless and have a great day!
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