Jun 17, 2009

Going to the Oprah show...

Well, call me a bad blogger! I went to the Oprah show back in April & never did post my pics about it. DUH!!! Since you're not allowed to bring any kind of photography paraphernalia into the studio, these are the only photos that I could get. They're still cool to have though!
You'll have to excuse the gaps in text, I'm having some issues with getting Blogger to work in the fashion I would like. So bear with me here, please.

The show that day was Dr. Oz's last taping with Oprah before getting his own show in the fall. The members of the audience all received these Neti-wash pots to clean out your sinuses with a saline solution. I STILL have not tried it yet, since I seen the video of how you run the water in one nostril & it pours out the other just kinda grosses me out! Call me chicken (bock-bock!)

Here is my husband, Alan & I in front of the Harpo Studios sign. It's hard to get the entire sign & the large "O" at the top into the picture & still see them well.

This is the view of her studio from the side. This is a huge improvement from when I was there back in 2005.

This is the angle from the sidewalk catty-cornered from the studio. This sidewalk runs along the front of her store. If you notice the large metal "O" here, these are at the top of all the railing posts in front of the store. Kind of a cool detail, I thought!

This is a bootleg photo I took inside her store. At the time that I took the shot, I did not realize that you weren't allowed to take photos inside. I did not get caught taking this shot because I didn't use my flash. Later, I got busted trying to take a picture of the girl at the register.

This is the ONLY spot in the store that you are allowed to take a picture. This is the chair that Oprah used to sit in before she remodeled her studio. I must say, this is NOT one of my better pictures of me.

This is the window display of the Oprah store. It's kind of hard to tell in this photo, but the opening in the window is surrounded by a large "O" (...notice a pattern here?)

This is a key fob I picked up at the "O" Store for my sister. I should have checked closer, because it has an etched water spot on it that won't come off. Luckily, my sister won't care.

This is a coffee mug I picked up for myself at the store also. I love the design & there were a ton of color choices to pick from. I also picked up a plum colored one for the lady that was willing to watch Brooke for us that day. Bless her heart, she was wonderful!!


.charity. said...

Love those photos!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks great Beth - like everything else you do!
Love you!

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