Apr 22, 2009

Thursday is the BIG DAY!!!

Well, one more day until we go see the Oprah show IRL!!! I am so excited!! I finally got my sitter arrangements all taken care of, thanks to the wonderful generousity of one of my daughter's preschool friend's mother (is that totally clear as mud? LOL) We leave in the morning & will have breakfast at Cracker Barrel & then head into Chicago. My step-sister got the clearance from her Dr. to go, so that's all good! She's in Indy today having some treatments for lung illness that she just got over. I hope this all works out great & we all have a wonderful time. I just hope the Oprah show isn't a sad one.

Here is a card & the coordinating envelope that I made for the mother that's watching Brooke. She sure jumped in at a moment's notice & agreed to do watch her all day & feed her with no pay. I can't NOT do something for her, I owe her so much!!

Well, I need to get the hair color washed out before I over do it! Take care & God Bless!

Beth M.

1 comment:

.charity. said...

love that card! can't wait t see your fotos on your blog from the Big O!

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