Apr 7, 2009

All the latest

So, just in case "someone" is actually reading this blog, here is my latest updates:

My step-sister might be coming home from the hospital today or at least this week. She was in there for a serious lung infection that put her in quarrantine for 10 days. Her service at the Indianapolis Medical Center on the 4th floor was the worst! She was treated like she was a criminal instead of patient by the nurses & staff there. She had to wait for over 2 hours just to get a drink of water & even then, her husband had to chew someone a new ass in order to get it! Thank goodness she has shown remarkable improvement & can get out that place. Luckily, they moved her to a different floor where she has since received better treatment. I sure hope she is still feeling up to going to see Oprah later this month!!

Next, not many people knew that I was working diligently on getting some projects completed for a craft show that was held through my daughter's preschool on April 4th. It was a HUGE success!! Well, it was huge for me. I didn't make a killing by any means & not by many craft show enthusiasts, but if I make over $100 at a show, I'm quite happy & I made at least $130 that day. I wasn't in the best location there either, almost the furthest from the door - for some reason, but I guess someone has to be, right? I liked that it was a small show & not a bunch of traffic. I could be more personable with people & they didn't feel like they were missing out on some great booth over on the other side because they were looking at my stuff. KWIM?

I did so well, that I even took an order for one project & a few other people might be following, as well. How exciting!!

I recently purchased the latest 2 cartridges that Cricut release called Life's a Beach & Lyrical Letters. I have managed to removed them from the packaging, but the only one I've played with so far has been Lyrical Letters. I have to say, this is a really great cartridge! It has a bit more than just different styles of letters, it has sayings that are perfect for cards or pages! I've only got to play a little bit because I was working on my craft show projects, but I got to play some today. All I can say is tooooo cute! I will have to post some shots when I get them loaded.

I heard throught he grapevine today that there is some designs that are missing on the Life's A Beach cartridge. There was an image release of what all was going to be on the cartridge, but it appears that one row of those images didn't end up on the cartridge in actuality. How disappointing, but there's still a ton of stuff to work with that you might just not realize it. LOL!

Well, that's it for me today.

God Bless & have a great day!
Beth M


Sheryl said...

Glad your step-sister is feeling better, Beth. Hospitals really can be dreadful places to be ill. Also glad you had such a good day with your craft sale - how nice to make your hobby pay you back just a little - and no doubt some new supplies will be on the list!

joybear said...

Hope she gets out and a huge congrats on the sale!!

joybear said...

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