Mar 31, 2009

Not now!

I can't believe my step-sister's luck, or should I say BAD luck! In my previous post I mentioned that I got us reservations to see the Oprah show IRL!! She was so excited when I told her, but now she's in a hospital in Indianapolis, stuck in quarantine for week. She's somehow contracted a lung infection & some other infection. One is viral & the other bacterial. Like I said before, if anyone DESERVES something super special to look forward to, it's her. I pray that she doesn't have to miss it because of this. That would just be so unfair.

On a much brighter note though & totally different topic, I just learned that my two newest Cricut cartridges (Life's a Beach & Lyrically Speaking) just arrived at The Memory Zone today!! Woo hoo!! I was supposed to have them on layaway, but I don't think I can wait that long to be able to use them!! Decisions, decisions....

Well, I have tons of projects to complete for a craft show this Saturday at Brooke's preschool. So, I will have to keep this short today & probably for the rest of this week too. I'll have to bake something too, as they're having a bake sale as well. What a perfect day that could be, you can shop for some cute hand crafted items, pick up your chicken from the chicken sale & get dessert too while you're already there! A day out, no cooking & even get a home made dessert, everyone's happy!!

God Bless & take care!
Beth M.

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