Mar 31, 2009

Not now!

I can't believe my step-sister's luck, or should I say BAD luck! In my previous post I mentioned that I got us reservations to see the Oprah show IRL!! She was so excited when I told her, but now she's in a hospital in Indianapolis, stuck in quarantine for week. She's somehow contracted a lung infection & some other infection. One is viral & the other bacterial. Like I said before, if anyone DESERVES something super special to look forward to, it's her. I pray that she doesn't have to miss it because of this. That would just be so unfair.

On a much brighter note though & totally different topic, I just learned that my two newest Cricut cartridges (Life's a Beach & Lyrically Speaking) just arrived at The Memory Zone today!! Woo hoo!! I was supposed to have them on layaway, but I don't think I can wait that long to be able to use them!! Decisions, decisions....

Well, I have tons of projects to complete for a craft show this Saturday at Brooke's preschool. So, I will have to keep this short today & probably for the rest of this week too. I'll have to bake something too, as they're having a bake sale as well. What a perfect day that could be, you can shop for some cute hand crafted items, pick up your chicken from the chicken sale & get dessert too while you're already there! A day out, no cooking & even get a home made dessert, everyone's happy!!

God Bless & take care!
Beth M.

Mar 22, 2009

Can you say EXCITED??!!!

I'm so excited & I just can't hide it! I've been announcing it everywhere, so you may already know that I got reservations to see the Oprah Winfrey show IRL!!! This isn't the first time I've seen her show. In fact, the first time I seen her show, I got in on a good one that was giving away stuff to the audience!! I wouldn't say it was one of her better give away shows, but it was a total blast!!

My Oprah show events seem to have unique stories behind them, so that makes them even MORE special to me. You see, the first time I got to go, I managed to get through & get reservations for my friends Pam, Shelly & my deceased Mother-in-law's friend, MO & myself. The fun part was that my friend Shelly had been promised time & time again by one of her own friends that she would take Shelly to see the Oprah show with her the next time she went. She's been there 4 times & still had not invited Shelly to go along. As it so happened, Shelly's friend got reservations AGAIN for the SAME DAY, but chose to pick the morning taping, instead of the afternoon one that I picked. It couldn't have played out any better than if it were written in Hollywood. Shelly's friend had to sit through a double taping that morning, & of all topics, it was whether or not the U.S. should stay in Iraq fighting. So, her friend "snaked" her 5 times & she finally got "snaked" back by having to sit through a very long & BORING show while Shelly got to go home with goodies & full belly of Mac n' cheese, chocolate bon bons, books & I sure can't recall what else, but it was a SUPER FUN show too!

So, this time around, I was going to make a day of it again with my friends Pam, Shelly & my hubby. But, in the very last minute, spur of the moment change of plans, I blurted out my step-mom's name & then my step-sister's name to the audience reservation guy. In my head, I thought that 2 people that TRULY deserve to go would be them.

You see, my sister-in-law (Angie) has been battling Leukemia for at least 3 years now with lots of set backs that just keep coming, one right after another. Her husband is now unemployed, they live i the highest unemployed city in the country - Elkhart, IN and it's just been a rough road for her. Her mother had used all her vacation days when she was working to stay with her daughter when she had to go to Indianapolis. Now my step-mom is retired, but is wanting to go back to work part time to help pay for some of her daughter's prescriptions she requires. They've just never had anything to look forward to, except her next test & diagnosis.

And all that is why I wanted to take them. They deserve & NEED something wonderful & exciting to look forward to. I am hoping that the show is at least a happy one & not one that's going to be depressing for her, but I know she'll be thrilled no matter what the topic is about, which, by the way, I don't know what it is yet, but hope to find out this week. All I will be told is the title of the show, but that might be enough to go on.

So, I will keep you posted on what I find out & let you know any details of when the show will air, but we're going for the April 23rd afternoon taping & will find out then.

God Bless & have a great day!
Beth M.

Mar 15, 2009


I think Spring is almost here!! My daffodils are sprouting & some plants are trying to sprout some barely there buds, but they ARE there! I can almost smell the scent of spring in the air now.

I happened to jump over to Reminisce's blog to check out the latest & greatest going on there there & they have a fun little contest going on right now! All you have to do is come up with a name for each of the 3 monkeys in their latest Monkey Business 2009 line (like the ones in my projects shown in the post below this one!) I tried (along with all the others before me) in sending an email to address given, but it's not functioning properly, so I posted mine in the messages below their posting, along with everyone else. The winners will get $50 in Reminisce prize package!!! That's a lot of bananas to scrap about!!! Some of the names already posted are pretty funny & you can tell some named them after their kids. How sweet is that or how crazy are your kids? LOL!!

OK, now for a bit of inspiration for those of you looking for some. A dear friend of mine, by the name of Kelly Crowl, from my local scrapbook store (TMZ) design team, came up with a sketch challenge with a chance to win what will most likely be a FABULOUS RAK from her!

Here is her sketch. Isn't it FABULOUS???

Here is my interpretation of the sketch - oh, and the added twist was that you could ONLY use pastel colors on your project. The two photos after the page are close-ups of the flower details & a stenciled shadow effect I created with the cut out of the butterfly above it. Now, I realize that once you get this thing in a page protector that you ain't gonna see that hidden shadow detail, but my plan is to cut out slits in the page protector for each wing so that they can be lifted up to see that little bit of interesting detail - or get the wings ripped off from all the lifting they'll be getting. LOL!! I just couldn't resist doing it, so there it is.
Well, it's been a beautiful, sunny & warm day today, but I've chosen to take the day to myself & stay inside & get caught up on some things that otherwise wouldn't have been able to get done because kids & husbands are inside & wanting my attention.
God Bless & have a great day!
Beth M.
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