Feb 22, 2009

Is it Spring yet????

Am I the only one that is soooo ready for spring?? I know that it's still February, but it seems like it's been the longest winter already. This winter has been more like the ones I recall from my childhood - snow for pretty much the entire season. This was the coldest one on record here with it getting down to a -22 degrees! Yes, I am wanting the warmth of the sun on my face & hearing the birds singing in the morning. I am starting to hear a few birds later in the morning these days, but it's still a bit dark at 7:00 am. so I don't hear them that early.

I haven't been able to get on here & update my blog in the past month. I have been pretty busy working on my scrapping & altering projects for The Memory Zone scrapbook store & for a friend of mine that is having a baby. I got overly inspired & really excited to create some ideas that came to me, so I wanted to get them done & needed to.

The story of the projects for the mother-to-be is that she was due in March, so I thought I had a month to try to work on a little baby book to doucment the baby's first year, month by month. Then, I got the invitation to a baby shower & discovered that I had less than 2 weeks! Yikes!! I'm not a fast scrapper in the first place & sometimes inspiration comes slowly to me & typically in baby-steps. Now it seems that I need to kick it up a notch or twelve! LOL! To make matters worse, we had a design team meeting at the scrapbook store & they just received this cutest line of monkey papers & stickers from Reminisce. I was jumping at the chance to make some projects with it, but I quickly realized that if I did that, I wouldn't be able to give them as a gift, because they would have to be on display in the store. Well, I backed out of that just as quickly as I jumped in. I ended up getting the product once it was out on the shelves & creating these two cute projects: a picture frame that says grow little monkey & a matching altered wooden letter "V" that spells out the baby's name along the side (Vanden).

The bad part is that I took pictures of the baby book, except for the last page & the front cover because they weren't completed yet. Since I was working on it up until an hour before the baby shower, I totally forgot to take pictures of the cover & last page. I surely can't post photos of it without having the complete album to show! So, I'm going to have to ask the mother-to-be if I can take pictures of the missing pages so I can post it here for you to see.
Well, I need to take off now, I'm getting a new printer today & I've been agonizing without one since my quit on me a week ago Friday. Needless to say, there was good news & bad news with getting a new printer. The printer I wanted was on sale, but with it being at the end of the sale week, there was none in stock. The sales guy tells me that it would futile to get a rain check as it will take more than 2 weeks to get them back in stock & the rain checks are only good for 2 weeks. I got news for you pal, I'm not buying any other printer & your sales line (lie) ain't cuttin' it. I go to get my rain check & no, there is no expiration date on it (imagine that!) & guess what else? They're on sale less than two weeks later! Things that make you go hmmmmmm.....! I will be sure to NOT allow him to be my sales person today, even though that is probably what they are taught to say in order to make a sale.
So, gotta go! God Bless & have a great day!
Beth M.
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