Dec 18, 2008

Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum...

are you getting that "Jaws is sneeking up behind me" feeling during this final week of Christmas preparations? Everyone's scrambling to get those last minute gifts (if your one of the lucky ones that can even buy any Christmas this year) or making those final touches on the homemade gifts that you've resorted to because of lesser income. Me? All of the above & throw in an impending ice storm to mess with all your hard work so that now there might not be a last day of preschool to give the teachers & students their little treasures that Brooke & I have labored over. At least we had some very good quality mommy/daughter time, so it was still all worth it. And, none of the treats will go to waste, but WILL go to our waist!

This is the front & back of a simple little tag I made that doubles as a photo ornament for Brooke's preschool teacher. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I hope she likes it, whenever she gets it.

These are a couple of jars I made up for two of our neighbors. They both have a country/primitive decor, so I was trying to decorate the jars to fit their style. I made them alike because they're also sister-in-laws & live across the street from each other. I thought the jars might be cute to use later & filled with pinecones.

Other than that, most everyone is getting homemade candies & cookies. Brooke & I have been working on more sugar cookies tonight, since they can't seem to last long enough around here to give out as gifts. I made some Date Balls the other day, and I am addicted to them! They are not going to be good for my pending diet. *snicker!*

I'm keeping it bit short tonight, I'm wanting to keep an eye on the weather as the ice storm approaches.

God Bless & take care!

Beth M.


Sheryl said...

I love those jars, Beth, and the ornament is darling! Good luck with the ice storm, too.

Kelly C. said...

Love those decorated lids...too cute! And your little ornament is adorable too!

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