Aug 5, 2008

Fuel Companies!!!!

I know EVERYONE is just loathing the fuel companies for the past 3 years now. So, be prepared for MY rant now or leave...

I know they "claim" they ain't making that much of a profit because "they" aren't the ones setting the price/barrel, BUT THEY are the ones setting the price at the PUMP & THEY are the ones stating that they made a profit of multiple BILLIONS in only 3 months time. What part of a multi-billion dollar profit, is not that much? That's just ONE company & they're all making that claim! Is there any other business that can make that claim? Does Microsoft make that claim? If they are, it's because we CHOOSE to buy a computer, not because we HAVE to.

all that brings me to my latest hissy fit - my Phillips 66 bill that I have coming due. Mind you, I was at fault for not getting it paid on time last month. Somehow, it slipped out of the stack of bills I was putting into the mail drop off at the post office & it fell in the door pocket of my van without knowing it until I cleaned it out a couple of days later. Needless to say, my bill was late & now I'm hit with a $8.79 Finance charge (I always pay off my bill each month so I don't get a FC) AND a $39 late fee!!!! That's nearly $50 EXTRA for a $279 fuel bill. I don't dispute that I should pay a late fee, I'm not arguing that - it's that it's $39 - that's 14%!! Isn't it bad enough that they're gouging us at the pump & now they're gouging us on our bill. Last year, I mistakenly made out one bill & forgot to include 5 cents & I was hit with a $5 Finance charge for a friggin' nickel!! When I call them about it, I was basically told "Sorry about your luck, be more careful from now on." I have told my husband about this & he says dump them! We've been great customers with them for 20 years & that loyalty means nothing, then they'll get nothing from us. We have a Shell card now & we even get a fantastic rebate on their card and they're just as competitive in our town as the Phillips 66 station down the road. I think it's time to get rid of one too many fuel cards, don't you think?

OK, I'm done with this vent session for today, but don't be surprised if this subject rears it's ugly, and I mean ugly head again.
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