Apr 7, 2008

Sorrow today....

Well, what started out as a beautiful day has turned dark & sad. My Dad just called a little bit ago & told me that his younger brother, my uncle Charlie, had passed away earlier today. Although I wasn't expecting it at this point, it really came as no surprise. He had a major heart attack about a year ago that he died twice from, but was able to be revived both times. After surgeries & lots of therapy, he was back home & sort of able to go back to work a couple of days a week. He was on oxygen when we seen him last Thanksgiving, but appeared to be doing good. I guess he was just tired of dealing with everything & the cost of it all.

Although I wasn't close to my uncle by any means, I still am saddened to hear that he's gone. Maybe it's because it could very well be my own father, since my dad is the oldest of the siblings. I haven't talked to my grandma yet, but I'm sure she's taking it hard. She was when he was in the hospital last year. She's talking about moving up here now. She lives west of Lafayette, IN & across the street from my uncle. She doesn't feel there's any reason to stay there now. Her other 3 kids live in southern states. I would like to see her move up here. I have been much more closer to my grandma now than I have ever been growing up. I think she's realized that I'm probably one of the best grandkids she's got (including the one she raised herself). I am the one that is most like her in her skills & abilities, nor have I ever asked her for money or caused my family any grief or embarassment (so far). I'd like to keep it that way too.

I've contacted my sister & called my son so that they are aware that I will be getting them for the funeral. I'm trying to give them as much possible notice as I can so no one is rushing around trying to get themselves together for this. My sister has laundry to do & I'm sure my son will have to get his school work together & at least make his teacher's aware of the situation. He's not at all familiar with who my uncle is, but might remember him from a couple of Thanksgivings back.

Take care,
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