Feb 25, 2008

Flute bug hits here!!

Brooke says that her & mommy have the flutes (flu). Isn't that funny? Flute? She comes up with the cutest stuff sometimes. I'm only feeling a little better because I took some extra strength Tylenol, but it only makes me feel a little better. Sure beats feeling chilled to the bone & achy all over though! I just wish I didn't have to cough! It hurts so bad to cough, but it's OK to swallow, so I don't think I have Strept throat (yet). At least the house was mostly picked up before I got sick, so I shouldn't have to do a whole lot extra when I get to feeling better.

Poor Alan, he got up & washed & dried Brooke's sheets in the middle of the night last night because she got a little sick too. Then he had to get up a couple of times to tend to her. Yet, he still went in to work today. Bless his heart! He brought her into our bedroom & let her sleep on the floor. Now she'll probably want to sleep there all the time! She laid there during the day today too while I was in bed. She got in a good nap at least. She doesn't seem to be as bad off as me, which is good! We got sick because Jordan was still sick & I brought him home for the weekend. I wish I had know he still didn't feel well or I would have skipped getting him this weekend too. He's been sick since last week, so I passed on bringing him home then. I knew he was sick when he didn't want to play his online video game that he LIVES on when he's here.

I don't really have anything more to chat about today, we're supposed to get some rain, freezing rain & snow tonight & tomorrow. I just may keep Brooke home from preschool tomorrow just to be sure she's not going to pass it on.

Have a good one!

Feb 21, 2008

Last Night's Lunar Eclipse!

This is a picture I got of the Lunar Eclipse that took place last night. Luckily, we didn't have any lake effect snow clouds overhead to block our view. I think it looks pretty cool! This was the best picture out of all of the ones I took. It's kind of small after loading on here. If I try to crop it in any further, then it starts to look fuzzy. Sometimes if you click on the picture, you get an enlarged view that's much better.

Well, I don't have much to add today, other than this picture. Just a bunch of errands to run that are almost done & getting Brooke from preschool. I need to get going some more on my Design Team projects for The Memory Zone scrapbook store. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head that I need to get them sorted out & done! They'll be kickin' me outta there if I don't! LOL They have the Cricut cutter & an Accucut machine that I really need to go in & learn how to use. Today is not the day though. Thursday's aren't my good days, too busy with preschool, errands & cleaning later.


Feb 12, 2008

Preparing for Valentine's Day!

OK, just so you know, I've been trying to get paragraph breaks to work on this friggin' blog, but I can't seem to make them happen. Sorry that it looks all run together, but it's not being my friend today!

Today Brooke has preschool & so I decided this morning that we would work on her Valentine cards to pass out to the kids in her class. She has been looking forward to doing this for a couple of weeks now & asks me almost everyday if we can do them. When she doesn't get the answer she wants to hear, then she says she's going to go work on her own cards for preschool. I had picked her up a couple of darling little scrapbook embellishment kits at Target for $1 each, so she's been chopping & taping those up. I guess maybe I should have better inspected the one with the heart shaped confetti, because now I have to try to clean all those up & some are sort of transparent. What a mess! But, it's cute & I LOVE that! I started to use my scalloped scissors on these, but to get them aligned properly from front to back, you have to cut the card while it's folded. My scissors are too dull to cut through the 3 layers where it all overlaps. So, the teachers & helpers get these at the top row. We had to save back a green frilly heart so Brooke could make a card for Daddy too!

This is the inside of one of the teacher's cards

The inside of one of the student's cards. I used a Quickutz heart shaped die to make that heart.

Her party is Thursday & she has to also decorate a special heart shape for one person that's supposed to be a secret. I want to find a heart shaped paper doily to put on it & then use my scallop scissors around the edge. Then, who knows what for the center of that? We might even make it into a magnet!
We still need to work on the goodie bags, but I have a little time for that too & don't have any bags yet. Need to get those today at the dollar store. I think we'll work on a special treat for the teacher's too....
I thought we were going to have something to look forward to this weekend with the weather, because they said it would be in the 40's on Sat., but now it doesn't look like it at all. Now they're saying only in the mid twenties. What??!! At least Feb. will be half over by the weekend, so we might have something to look forward to with March right around the corner. Ya think, maybe? I just want to see my flowers come up & hope that I didn't kill them when I planted them. I typically have at least one or two casualties each year. Sometimes, I'm just impatient & dig them up only to find that they were still just making good roots or learn later that they're biannuals & don't do anything the first year. Duh!!! I do need to start some seeds here soon though. I have no problem getting seeds to sprout, it's keeping them alive & not getting leggy that I have a problem with. Each year I learn a new trick or two, now if I can just remember what those tricks were from the previous years, I'll be doing good! Maybe they're not even a new trick, I just might not be remembering them from before. LOL
Last year, I moved a bunch of some beautiful pale blue & dark blue tiny flowers so that they would be closer to the daffodils on that bed. I had noticed they were all blooming at the same time & how striking the yellows & blues looked together, but they weren't close enough together to give the effect I was looking for. I sure hope I can reap the rewards of the beauty I'm hoping for this year, but will probably have to be patient for at least a couple more years.
When we moved to our house 5 years ago, there wasn't much landscaping to speak of, but more than any other house I had lived in, so that was still a plus! It was mostly some bushes & LOTS of hostas. There were a ton of lavendar Iris growing around the large Oak tree bed & they did great one year. I'm not much of an iris person and not the lavendar ones especially. So I dug them all up, gave some to the neighbor across the street, some to my friend & just tossed the rest over to the edge of the woods. Well, they have taken off very well & I must say, I like the look much better than the weeds that have a tendency to take over there. I think I'll keep them there!
I need to stop all this flower talk...it's making me long for the warmer, sunny weather that is sure to be a little ways off yet to make me happy.

Feb 11, 2008

Blah Paradise...

Well, it's just another day in Blah Paradise, that is if you like blah! Today is cold again, the flood waters are going down, but the ones that aren't down are now frozen ice rinks. Not my thing either! I just want it to be warmer, even just in the 40's warmer! We had some sun Sat. afternoon & that helped, but not enough for my cold bones.

I think I'm going to have to break down & go to the dentist very soon. I have an old filling that I think has seen it's day & I will probably have to have a crown now. It's killing me to eat or drink stuff. Hmmmmm....maybe that New Year's Resolution is trying to force me to keep my word by losing a few pounds because I'm not being able to eat. Nah! The other side of my mouth doesn't hurt, so that CAN'T be it! I can still eat on that side.

I have been working on a couple of things for my DT projects that are due in the next few weeks. I'm supposed to do a page layout for my "Dares" challenge about something that Pisses Me Off! Ummm...finding a topic isn't hard for me at all, it's coming up with the concept to fit the anger. Maybe just a page full of hyroglyphics & a picture! Or, maybe a picture of my ex-husband with his face all scratched up in ink! Yeah! That's a good one! ROFL (by the way, I was informed by my fellow DT member KellyC, that ROFL is a form of exercise!) There you have it! I value her opinion highly too! I'll tell that to the doc when she asks if I exercise on a regular basis. Well now, I've digressed too much, so I'll move on.

I'm also working on doing a Tinkerbell mini-book using one of the Basic Grey mini chipboard books. It has a lot of pages to it, so I doubt I'll complete every single one, but I'll have plenty left as it is. I've almost finished the cover & am happy with the results so far. I have to say that this is a challenge too because the only other chipboard book I've completed is one that I had page for page picture instructions on. I just added a few other things for my own personal character, but it was all their idea. This Tinkerbell book will be all my own creation. Well, the front cover is all my own so far, I may need inspiration from somewhere else on the rest of the pages, but I have small ideas that keep coming to me. I'd like to be able to say it is all totally my own.

Sat. I had to do a demo at The Memory Zone scrapbook Store for their month long promotion. I was selected to demo the Basic Grey Notch & Die tool because I have this tool & created a layout & a gift bag using it. I had a blast doing the demo, but I think Kelly C had even more fun with it. She has such a fun personality that I think she could probably be a better sales person than me. They did have a customer that must have been so impressed with my picture frame, that she carted it around in her shopping cart all through the store until she got to my table to ask me about how I made the frame. She ended up buying the rest of the Fancy Pants paper that I used & she also purchased 3 of the Making Memories 4x6 transparency books, because she liked my idea of using them in the glass opening of the frame. That made me feel good to know that something I made impressed someone so much that they thought it was worth going overboard on it! Now I know it's not just me that does that! LOL

Well, the rest of the laundry is calling & I need to start getting myself around to go to the dr. Fun, fun, fun...

Feb 7, 2008

Here we go again.....

back to the town of Plymouth in being in a flood stage- again! Most places that were flooded before are flooded again, & if some people were almost flooded the last time, well, they ARE flooded this time! It's getting to the point that I don't know what roads to take because you don't know if they're flooded too much to feel safe driving through it. Now, everything is trying to freeze too, so there's water AND ice. Winter in Indiana...remind me why I stay here???? Oh yes, I have a kid that wants to go live with his dad instead of Arizona-which is where I "could" be! Huh??? On a lighter note, I've been altering things like a crazed woman & really enjoying it, much to the hubby's dismay. Here is my latest creation that I can show off right now, anyway.For others, you'll have to check the TMZ DT Gallery link on the right.
This is a wooden cigar box I found somewhere last year. I got it just so I could alter it & I'm really happy with how it turned out.



Well, I'm having some funky issues with this blogger, so I'm going to end this for today & hope it can straiten itself out by tomorrow.
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