Jan 16, 2008

Officially A Design Team Member!

Well, it's official. I am a Design Team member of The Memory Zone (TMZ) scrapbook store here in Plymouth! We had out first meeting on 1/14/08 at the store. I got to meet all the ladies that I've chatted with on the store's message board. It's so great to put faces with names, although Charity's was easy, since she has hers as her avatar. I love the perspective of it too!

We were broken down into two groups with Rhonda being the leader of the group I'm in, & Barb was chosen as our lead assistant. We were given a lot of projects to get us going on, so I'm hoping I can be creative enough & keep up! It's still pretty intimidating for me at this point. We have a meeting twice a month & probably a DT crop each month, as well. I had to go out get myself a decent planner for this as I think I'm going to need it. LOL Organization is NOT my strong point, unless it's my paid job! Then I can kick some organizational @ss! I just CHOOSE not to in my home life.

Fortunately, Rhonda has let me off pretty easy with doing projects that are more of my strong points. No page layouts yet - thanks goodness! I get to do more paper crafting & altering! YAY!!! IF I were smart (ha ha ha ha!), I would have taken my camera & started keeping track of my experience along the way.

I have most of my projects done for the next meeting, which is just a week after the first meeting, but I still need to work on the card part of the assignment yet. I hope I can make it work a little easier than the projects! I so hope they like what I came up with...that's my biggest fear ~ that they won't like them.

So long for now, gotta get some info to my leader! I almost forgot!


Chris said...

Congrats on the DT spot!

Charity S. said...

YAY for you!! welcome to the team girly!!

Kristy said...

Your projects look great!!! Congrats.. they are so lucky to have you!

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