Jan 24, 2008


Is it cold where you are? It is where I am! Temperatures dipping in the single digits or negative numbers overnight. Thank goodness we have 2 woodstoves to help with keeping our heating bills somewhat in check & a dedicated hubby that makes sure we have plenty of wood to burn each winter. He makes sure there is a fire in one, if not both stoves, when I wake up in the morning.

I've been keeping pretty busy this winter with my Design Team projects for The Memory Zone scrapbook store. Thank goodness I have that motivator to get me moving along on projects that I should get done. I finished a cute picture frame today that will be in my gallery on their website in a few days & IRL at the store after 2/2/08. I managed to get all my Valentine projects completed for the last meeting in time! I didn't care for the first card I made, but turned it in anyway. Wouldn't you know, I came across some sticker labels that I also had gotten from the DT mtg, but forgot I had them. So I ended up making another card from them & a card from my left over scraps of the other stuff I was given. I like that card the best, maybe because it's different than most. I like different ~ not weird different, COOL different!

If you get a few minutes, check out the link to my Design Team Gallery over on the side bar. While you're there, check out the other DT members & other members for some fantastic inspiration! You're sure to find SOMETHING!!

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Fabrizio said...

Hi Beth, thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment. Your layouts are stunning, and you make goregous cards. It's the first time I see a Spirelli work done as it should be...very very beautiful. It has luxurious feel! Fab X

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